99 [Major FOMO going on right now. Apr 14, 2020]

  • TSLA starter short orls, immediate stop out. Incredible squeeze, has more than doubled off lows like a month ago. It’s just straight up to 800. I’m not buying this, just major fomo right now. I’m still watching for a short, gonna watch for the first red 5min candle for a starter. Took a starter [1/4 size] on break of candle, if it can break below vwap, and get rejected off that vwap, I will add more.
  • Turning into major fomo market rn. Went from eotw to fomo. I don’t really know what to do with this market here, everything is just going straight up. Feels like they’re gonna pull the rug anytime, but what do I know? I’ve been expecting the rug pull for the past couple of weeks. Both SPY and DOW another 3% to go before they reach the declining 50day. Nasdaq is already at both the declining 50day and 200day. Could be an interesting scenario if rejects here. Feels like we’re straight up from the lows and major fomo going on, everything is gapping and straight up.
  • TCEHY and JD did buy some bc they’re breaking out of solid bases. TCEHY so slow I might just sell it even if it closes strong.
  • NFLX had a mega breakout yday from a multi year range. AMZN too. Megacaps doing really well, big beneficiaries from the corona and everything. Tech has always been the future, this is just accelerating it. There’s gonna be a lot of professions becoming obsolete.
  • I was not positioned correctly into this, I was too cautious. Should have just closed my eyes and bought, bought some 3x etfs. I was long TQQQ but I sold it, I was way too cautious. QQQs above all their MAs, just incredible strength, like nothing happened. If we’re gonna go lower I think just a technical pullback, I don’t think any bad headline is gonna effect very much at this point. A big part of trading is imagining big moves, it’s kinda hard to imagine moves like this.
  • ICD let’s see how acts around vwap. If it fails at vwap again, I may short some. I think it could pull back to 9-8 bucks today or tomos. I took a starter, it’s a thin trader, but I’m risking about a dollar to make 3-4 dollars potentially. We’ll see, hopefully it tightens up a bit. Okay well at least I’m making money in half size on ICD.
  • It’s kinda funny, you have the biggest, baddest player in the world, telling you ‘hey we’re gonna push this thing higher, all you have to do is front run us, and make money, and we’re gonna keep doing this for years’, and yet people fight it, kinda funny. I have thankfully not fought the fed in my life. There’s so many bears on twitter, like oh it’s gonna crash any time, but if you have a buyer just keep printing imaginary money, and buying assets. All you have to do is to stfu and buy, and go do something else and you will make money. So easy.
  • If we don’t have a red day this week, I’m gonna go all in TQQQ and quit trading. Become an investor in triple nasdaq 100 etf, and go do something else with my life. No seriously.
  • My fuel cell names, I was long all of these PLUG, FCEL, BLDP, then this corona thing hit, now they’re back at where I bought them a few months ago, obviously they need to develop some bases, but they’re back. Look at how BLDP found support on the rising 150day twice. Just beautiful. PLUG looks the same, undercut the 200day.. Some stocks are really good at bouncing off MAs, either on the daily or weekly charts. I wish I was better at buying those kinda bounces, I’m more of a b/o guy, hard to buy b/os in a correcting market.


  • Man if they could just make trading easy. Why does it have to be so hard? Why can’t A always equal B in the markets? Exactly then everyone would trade. What a retarded profession, it really is.
  • Just sit at home and work, sit at home and study. Exactly, everyone’s gonna be a trader. oh man. Like I have no problem, I’m an introvert, I have no problem sitting at home. But some people, they’re gonna do suicide.
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