98 [The patience to wait for the next MILLION dollar opportunity. Apr 13, 2020]

  • NLS had a nice little breakout candle yday, I guess they’re taking it up bc people are building home gyms and stuff, could have a couple of nice Qs ahead. Yeah it’s probably a one time item or something, or cost cuts, bc they’re have declining rev, past 5 Qs, looks like sh*t.
  • SOXL short from friday, held over weekend as closed weak. Also added some late day.
  • Indices have had big bounces past 3 weeks, not only big, historical bounces, the SPYs were up almost 30%, that’s a huge 3 week move. Think if they markets can go up 30% in a year, that’s a really good year. But 30% in 3 weeks.. I think we will have some kinda pullback, at least that’s what all my setups are telling me.
  • SPYs are showing weakness compared to the Nasdaq, that’s why I shorted SPXL instead of TQQQ. Interesting, QQQ took out hod while SPYs still at lows. Covering tiny into flush.
  • Remember everyday is not an opportunity to make money, everyday is an opportunity to lose money. So I’m really cautious here, don’t want to get too aggressive either way. Bc I know when I see it, and rn I just don’t see it.
  • BMRA, too thin for me but wow this a good looking chart. Great r/r could go to 10. It’s been building hls on the 60min adn daily, tight tight tight range break. Great find.
  • NFLX is strong, is about to come out of a long long base, look at the monthly, building hls for almost a year, big rangebreak here in the 390s or so.
  • Right now I just don’t see anything. There’s a lot of minor opportunities everyday, if you’re a short term trader, but for me, I’m looking for the big ones, and rn, I just don’t see anything. For most of you with small accounts, you probably need to make money meanwhile, I can just sit here and wait. I know that when the markets get good again, I’m going to make millions in a short amount of time. In the meantime I’m just doing these alternative strategies, mean reversion stuff etc. Swing and position trading on the long side, that’s where most of my money has come from. But in the meantime you’ve gotta adapt. There’s also lots of money in mean reversion both on the long and the short side.
  • All of these corona pumps that gapped up 50/100% are now fading. WORX had a short opportunity orls, and got rejected on vwap twice on 1min chart. This is like daytrader’s heaven, picture perfect setups.
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