97 [Where are we headed from here? Apr 8, 2020]

  • EHTH yeah this is the market for short hit pieces, because there is already fear, funds sell first and ask questions later. In a strong bull market, people don’t care, they ignore bad news.
  • W shame it’s gapping down, would have been great if it gapped up. I want to see it rejected in this 75/76 area. Got a tiny bit filled W, if it breaks lows later in the day I may add. Gonna get stopped out of starter, this thing is too strong. So many names look better than W now. Only way I’m gonna short W is if it starts showing some rw to the market, if the markets go higher and W is not going higher, and it starts building lhs, and then takes out the range to the downside later in the day.
  • TLRY bought some, the only individual name I have today. A great looking chart, hls over the past 4 days. Stopped out, no momentum this time around.
  • TOT has a 60min chart rangebreak to the downside, also losing the rising 10day. Building a small swing here on the short side, will only hold overnight if it closes weak. Shorted a starter, right now it’s holding the 65ema on the 60min, if it takes out that later in day may add more.
  • This kind of environment have to keep the size low and stops tight.
  • Rs and Rw those are some of my core concepts, that is correct.
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