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If I told you that you could watch a world class trader, day in day out over two years, turn a few million into 100M+ with live commentary every step of the way, you’d probably be in disbelief at the trading resource you had stumbled across. 
Now imagine I told you all of this content was completely free, all you had to do was put in the hours… 

When I found Qullamaggie I went through every single stream and took notes. Then I went back to the start and went through every stream again, this time adding screenshots and more details to each recap. Some of the best ones I have watched 3+ times. 
I’ve only done these detailed recaps for 2019, 2020 and 2021. I found beyond this point, the ROI significantly reduced and I got more value out of rewatching older streams when K’s account was smaller and he described each action in greater detail. 
These notes are categorised broadly by the main setups. Within each stream they’re semi chronological; each ticker is consolidated and grouped by theme. Alternatively if you want to know ‘that stream where K mentions X’, you can use the search tool. The screenshots also neatly double up as timestamps. 

This study project consumed my life for the best part of 12 months, I’ve learnt an incredible amount in the process. 
I made this resource because I figured others may get some value out of my notes, though I can’t recommend enough putting in the hours and taking your own – there is no substitute for your own hard work. 
No one else is gonna lose those braincells for you.  

That's your edge, you do something differently that 99% of other people are not willing to do, and you will have different results than those people, that's the whole point.

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