94 [I was shaken out of my $TSLA short near the top… Apr 3, 2020]

  • There’s a lot of bear flag type of setups rn, in a lot of individual names.
  • MRNA bought yesterday when it took out hod or this little range here at 31 bucks. Has been getting a lot of international media attention, lots of hype. It was really tight on the 60min, had a good r/r. Has been building hls the past 3-4 sessions, while the markets overall have been fading.
  • TSLA, got stopped out ah on delivery numbers release, stopped out right at the highs. Went from up 200k to down 70k on it. Little bit annoying, but you have to respect your stops, otherwise you won’t last long. Got back in small premarket, Let’s see if it can hold above this declining 20day MA or if they’re gonna sell it off. Will add orls if we get there, or some kind of rangebreak to the downside during the day, unless it puts in a very big squeeze.
  • There are some stocks setting up, but I just think it’s a very hostile market for breakouts. Unless you’re a very short term trader, and just like sell into the first pop the same day, but when I buy breakouts I’m looking to hold for months. We’re not in that type of market yet.
  • APT, actually had an entry today above this, yesterday’s last 60min candle, pretty much orh today. Pulled back to this rising 20ma on the 60min chart, it’s been riding this thing for the past week or two, found support again.
  • I think every rally is going to get sold into, I think things will get much worse, I think investor psychology is going to get much worse. I’d say I’m 90% short biased rn, which rarely happens, but we are in that kind of an environment.
  • Remember don’t overtrade in this market. There are very few opps, bc everything is so correlated. It’s all about getting the overall mrkt direction right rn.
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