95 [Starting to see breakouts among my favorite growth stocks!!! Apr 6, 2020]

  • A lot of gappers in the biotech space, Idk if they’re gonna hold. INO gapping on FDA news, but had an ATM offering friday, Watching CODX and INO if they can take out highs, but INO has ATM probably selling into the gap.
  • VIR has an extremely large lockup expiration wednesday.
  • CODX bought a starter.
  • MRNA, my entry was orhs thursday, actually I chased it about 25c [31.05 avg]. Don’t chase it now the entry was two days ago, once it took out this tight formation. Got really tight on the 60min, once it started breaking out that was the entry.
  • GSX, I dropped the ball on this one, I should have shorted orls on friday. It was such a perfect setup, lhs then a rangebreak [11am].
  • We’re not out of the woods, but Asia/China has been showing rs for a while, I’m thinking about taking a starter on SE, like half size. It’s been showing rs, one of the fastest growing stocks, in the right business, internet/streaming/gaming, fastest growing areas in the world rn, holding it’s uptrend, undercut it’s 200 briefly and just bought it up. One of the strongest fastest growing stocks out there, they’re doing everything right, and now it looks like it’s about to come out of it’s little range here.
  • I’m looking for individual names rn, bc the market leaders, they’re gonna start their up moves before the market bottoms, or before the market starts looking good, that is. I’m slowly building exposure, it’s not like there’s a switch and I go full long. I’m gonna build exposure over many weeks.
  • For the first time in months I’m starting to see some decent long setups in some of the names that held up the best. I’m just dipping my toes in the market on the long side, very carefully. There is some constructive action.
  • My core philosophies; as long as the stock is not up more than it’s ATR, I try not to buy stocks up more than their ATR, SE is well inside my criteria, I’m looking for big moves. Trading is not an exact science, it’s more about getting the big picture right.
  • I’m just letting the market dictate if I should be long or short. Rn I’m getting stopped out of a bunch of shorts. That’s also what happened a couple of months ago when this market started fading, I just got stopped out. Early mid feb/late feb, I started getting stopped out of my longs, and I got more and more short. Right now it’s the opposite happening, shorts keep getting stopped out and I’m starting to build my long portfolio. So we’ll see there is definitely some character change.
  • IPOs can have very big runs, bc they’re new and exciting, and many times they can have big big growth numbers. I don’t run this scan very often, maybe once per week or once per fortnight.
  • I usually just buy breakouts, I find it hard to buy pullbacks, bc the best breakouts don’t pullback. I mean if you kinda miss the breakout then yeah absolutely, but if you’re just buying pullbacks, you’re buying sh*tty breakouts.
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