93 [My favorite growth stock turned out to be a FRAUD! Apr 2, 2020]

  • APT I wanted to buy it yesterday but I missed it, I guess the entry was 14.70s, when it took out hods.
  • LK down over 80, Muddywater’s hit piece. The question is how much of their sales did they fabricate. Was it 5% was it 75%, if it was only 5% the stock doesn’t deserve to be in the 4s. Oh it was 2/3rds, that’s pretty bad. I guess it’s not one the fastest growing companies in the world anymore. Liquidity on LK pretty amazing, 76Mshares and it’s been halted most of the dy so far, traded 3/4mins.
  • Yeah APRN had a nice little breakout, I passed on it. It’s kinda incredible, I haven’t been able to buy any breakouts for the past two weeks, just don’t trust anything.
  • There’s been a record amount of insider buys these past two weeks, let’s see if they’re right, or if they’re off with their timing.
  • UBER I’m gonna do a tiny position, less than a dollar stop on it, looks pretty good on 60min chart, see if we can get a flush. Is showing rw. In case we go lower on the mrkts, maybe even take out the recent low, there’s gonna be a lot of downside coming.
  • SPXL let’s see if rally fades just like yesterday, I was about to add more through lods but didn’t. We had an hour rally yesterday, then just faded rest of day. Let’s see if we get the same thing today. Classic bear market action, you get a strong first couple of hours, then a sell of the rest of the day.
  • GLD Also one sector I’m watching is gold. It did sell off in the panic phase, but now it’s right back up to highs.
  • GSX shorted a bunch, another china name, if they lose confidence in this thing, it’s gonna be down 30% in a couple of days. I may add more, it’s super thin and SSR is on. If it goes sideways a bit and makes some lhs i’m gonna add more. Took out lods, should add.
  • This is great action. A lot of the stocks that were about to breakout, they’re pulling back and now they’re building a base, hopefully we get some base building for a few weeks. BLDP is building hls on the 150day ma, this is a theme stock, not got the earnings yet but in a strong uptrend. This is the time you start seeing what stocks are holding up well and which are strong, down markets are a perfect time for this.
  • TVIX, building a week long range from low 300s to high 300s area. I think there’s gonna be a 50% move coming, either way it breaks. Not today but maybe tomorrow or next week. I think there’s gonna be a 50% move there in a few days.
  • I think in the next few months, there’s gonna be some life changing amounts of money to be made in the markets, just have to wait for the right spots. Just have to wait and have patience.


  • I’m bald. I don’t need a haircut, I shave my head.
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