88 [$TVIX on its way to sub $300? Mar 23, 2020]

  • Warrants mean the debt holders can sell into any spike. That’s why you see this big volume and no price action movement, this thing can’t get out of it’s own way, bc they’re selling into every spike, as soon as they get liquidity they’re selling into it.
  • TVIX on the 60min needs to break this mid/low 520s area for me to add. Yeah TVIX can go back to 1000, but I’m just trading price action, and right now it’s showing rw. Took out orls and 60min trendline, added and looking to add more, pretty big range almost 15% on this candle. Stopped orls starter. TVIX just like that back near lods, SPYs near lows, incredible weakness in this TVIX, if we get a full day of buying in the SPYs this thing goes to 300s, we are seeing the opposite of what we saw on the way up.
  • SPYs monthly first support 217 and then more in the 212 area, the lower we go the better for us as traders, the snapback is gonna be better.
  • ZM going straight up, incredible in it’s own universe rn, I guess I should have bought the breakout. ZM is starting to accelerate, and that’s a good thing. I think tomos or the day after tomos there’s gonna be an insanely good short setup on this thing. It’s high priced, it’s a liquid stock, it’s my fav type of stock.
  • Yeah I’m watching former big winners for reversals, yeah absolutely, I have a whole watchlist of leading stocks that have bottomed, leading stocks that have made big moves over the past few years and they’re still holding their uptrends. Like AMD, it’s holding above the rising 200day, that’s very rare, it was up almost 3000% just a few months ago in a few years and it’s holding above the rising 200day, that’s a sign of strength, that means people don’t want to sell this thing, and by people I mean funds.
  • AYTU looking really good, hls all the way intraday, lets see if it can reclaim vwap. I hope it can pull back a little bit, go sideways for an hour or so and then breakout, but if it breaks out here I’m going to buy half size. Kind of a big move off the lows. Got filled starter. Stopped half, but it is building hls see if it can hold.
  • The reason why I don’t use things like MACD, RSI, Bollinger bands, Fibonacci is not that they don’t work, they do if you know how to use them and when to use them, the problem is I think it’s dangerous to use too many indicators. Some people’s charts, indicators everywhere, you can barely see the price, that’s when things start to go badly I think. You always want to use as few indicators as possible. Price and vol are the main indicators, the other’s are calculated from them.
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