86 [$100K missed opportunities because I’m too slow! Mar 19, 2020]

  • AYTU bought some premarket, has a great looking chart and had a good pr. Stopped out no juice in this thing, for now.
  • WTRH probably ignore unless it goes really crazy, rather trade APRN bc higher priced and more liquid. I generally don’t like to short names that are like sub 5. WTRH omg, and this is the one I could have done an entry with size and I chose to ignore.
  • APRN short starter orls. Took some APRN on break of first 5 min red candle. APRN halted too, slammed down didn’t give me a chance to add, these things are so hard to trade, they’re halted for 5 minutes then trade for 5 seconds and get halted again. APRN covered most of starter, will try to reshort into vwap 25s if it gets there. APRN happy I got a starter on it, had to be so quick. All covered up, stock is down 47% from the highs, I made 6 figures on a starter, these are so quick had like 1min to get entry on it. These moves are so big, don’t need a lot of size to make a lot of money on it, or lose a lot. Hopefully it bounces back to low 20s or something but rn taking off radar. APRN printed 10.25s, down 64% from the highs, I underestimated this thing could have made another 100k on it, now it’s gonna bounce at 60min support.
  • BMRA took a starter. Stopped out. BMRA halted again, this is just not a tradable stock rn. BMRA short some again. BMRA is building lhs on the 5min rn. I missed the add f*ck. I got some more adds on BMRA, no crazy size and obv gonna size down if gets stronger later. So far rejected off the vwap that’s a good sign, I hope it can go sideways another couple of hours.
  • AHPI, move from yday wow. Still strong, these things rarely make a big move the second time around but yeah frustrating, I was trying to get in sub 15 yday.
  • TVIX about to test yday highs, 1000 area. Hopefully I can write a million dollar gain on TVIX soon, idk. I’m looking for backside, I have a starter from premarket, wide stop. My mistake is I’ve been trading it too much on frontside, taking small starters and getting stopped out of them. The million dollar loss was obv a black swan event, it closed on backside and after the weekend opened up like 50%. TVIX going to add through lods, once fear goes away I think gonna be a big big trade. TVIX now things are getting interesting. I’ve seen speculation that TVIX could break from people who actually understand how these things work. Yeah could be the short of a lifetime, could also be the blowup of a lifetime for many.
  • IFMK idk what this is, oh grocery stores. Grocery stores have been big winners here in this bullsh*t. Who would have thought grocery stores would be a leading sector? Pretty amazing. Grocery stores.
  • UBER look at the orb, this is a lcap stock up 20% from orhs.
  • Some of these are going to be great short opps, tomos and next week, some of these stocks having 50/60% bounces right into declining MAs. Haven’t seen individual stock trades for a whole week is individual stock trades, now a lot of individual stocks setting up. Especially if we have a gap up tomorrow.
  • It’s okay to not trade in this market, it’s completely okay. Things are very fast moving, if you’re like 10 seconds too late you miss a trade or worse you have a big loss, it’s really a special type of market right now.
  • The best way to learn how to trade is to actually trade. I’m not a fan of like paper trading and stuff like that. Especially in today’s world where you have free trades, it’s just so easy, you can trade with like no money at all, and just learn, put in like 1000 bucks. I remember when I first started with a Swedish broker, I had to pay like a currency spread every trade, and enormous commissions, so I could buy and sell a stock for b/e and still lost 5% on the trade, I had a period of 6months where on paper I was b/e but in reality I lost like 50% of my money.


  • Escobar brother made a samsung with gold sticker phone, complete fraud.


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