79 [China and US growth stocks VERY STRONG! Mar 5, 2020]

  • TVIX I was short going into today, I covered it in premarket and switched to long, bc it took out this range here 124 area, now it’s at new highs. Making an abnormally big move compared to where the SPYs are, not even below yday lows, definitely some fear in the market. TVIX stopped but if it takes out hods I will rebuy it. Added back and will add more if this takes out orhs. Looks very tight here, good r/r, if this thing gets going it really goes. TVIX out again, market is shaping up.
  • INO, I came in short today, added some premarket when it went red, have covered a few into premarket lows, have 3 stop levels here for it. INO working really well. Corona stocks just found bids again, INO stopped out of half. Stopped out of last shares, ended up a small profit overall on the short.
  • LK gapping down today, I actually saw the china markets hit 52wk highs, I think yesterday, pretty amazing. LK shame it faded back into its base. If it takes out lod I’ll size down, sell 1/3 or maybe even half. Bc I prefer b/os that go immediately, I don’t like the ones that fall back into their ranges.
  • KWEB, I bought 15k shares, I think this is going to be a good longer term hold, and I will add more maybe in the coming weeks if this sets up well. China showing rs compared to a lot of other markets. It is hitting the rising 50day, but we’ll see how it closes that’s the important part; I’ll hold the position if it closes strong. Man these china names are not messing around, they’re strong. KWEB sized down half. Added back, just can’t help myself. I think it’s less stressful to hold an ETF than individual stocks, there’s more diversification. KWEB has like 15/20 other stocks, it’s very unlikely to have a big move lower on very bad news. But it’s all about the setup though, right now KWEB has a better setup than BABA has, just looks a bit cleaner. They look very similar.
  • ZM gapping down on earnings, they have great growth but valuations at nosebleed levels like 60xsales that’s something for a lcap stock. ZM what a strong candle, couldn’t crack the 10day interesting.
  • APT had a nice little trade on it late day yday, anticipated this late day breakdown, had a $1.50 fade or so, covered it up didn’t hold overnight. APT long, stopped out, oh well looked good.
  • CODX hasn’t really cracked from the open yet, ok starting to break down. CODX looks strong, if it takes out hods could go 16/17 so really have to manage this thing carefully. If CODX builds hls throughout the day and starts breaking this mid 15 area mid/late day maybe there will be a setup there. CODX so far staying above vwap looks like.
  • APHI back near highs, little bit tempted to get long some of these names. APHI bought some orhs, 8kshares, could go back to 30, either it goes or doesn’t. They’re all junk, and many times, the junkiest names are the best longs. I’m telling you these are the best ones, the junkier the name, the better the long, bc there’s so many shorts in those names. Omg that’s a hell of a candle, but I think this thing could have 50% upside so not gonna sell any unless it goes absolutely nuts. If you look at this chart just been building hls.
  • IBIO I am watching, I think there could be a cheat entry, as long as it builds above vwap and builds hls I think there could be a cheat entry, could go to 4. Just broke down, off the long idea for now.
  • It’s a little bit of a tricky market, there’s strength and there’s weakness at the same time. That’s what choppy markets are, they can be a little bit confusing sometimes. It’s a dangerous market, they hook you and then they just crap, that’s what choppy markets do. Real stocks are a little dangerous right now I think, this chop could go on for many weeks, even months. Even though a lot of stocks look good, this is still a very dangerous market environment for buying breakouts, we could go down any day.
  • ETHE, looks like this crypto related stuff is starting to go, looks very good, bought it in my smallest account.
  • GTBC, and BTCUSD looks like, I think it needs more time, could very well go higher.
  • WORK is going , man I need to buy some of this, it’s in the correct sector. Man look how strong this thing is, boner candle, hls coming into this. I should sell some here, this is a huge move for a megacap stock.
  • Every time the market upticks, you can just see there’s a bunch of growth names that start breaking higher. Just incredible, there’s so much strength underneath in some of these stocks, there really is. Growth stocks in the us, and also china growth stocks, they really want to go. I mean f*ck these weak stocks, you can clearly see which stocks want to go. There’s no reason to look at weak stocks, or stocks that are near the bottom of their ranges, when there’s all these strong stocks. Focus on the ones that are in uptrends, that have been holding up really well during the correction. Focus on those ones that’s where the big money is.
  • I just don’t like these marginal setups, I look for big trades, things that can really go. These daytrading setups are just not my thing. They just confuse me. I don’t daytrade, I always try to hold for a few weeks or a few months preferably, that’s where the big winners are made, that’s where you get the big winners. It’s still stressful, trading is stressful no matter what the timeframe. But the good thing about swing and position trading is you don’t have to fight near your entry. As a daytrader you’re always near your entry. But as a swing trader, you know once the stock starts going, eg ZM, I’ve been holding this thing since 13th feb, this thing is up 37% from my entry, like once it went I didn’t have to look at it all the time, I know it’s up a bunch. As a daytrader you’re always sitting near your entry, that sucks. And there’s very little money to be made, generally, in daytrading. As a swing and position trader, in the right kind of market, size you’re always scaling up, if your account goes up 50%, you should try to scale up your size 50%. You do it step by step, you should always try to stretch it. But you have to do it the correct way. You have to do it from a position of strength. You do it when you’ve had a good period, not when things are going bad. If things are going bad, that’s when you should reduce your size. 2.5% is way too much, you have 6/7 losers in a row and you’re down 20% of your account. You should probably cut it by half. I usually risk around 0.25% on most of my trades. 0.2-0.7%, I rarely risk more than 1%. Sometimes I do, maybe a few times per week, if that. Depends on the market conditions, the past two weeks there’s been so many opps, and I’ve been pretty aggressive. I’ve had a lot of 1% type of trades where I risk 1% or even more. Like when I took APT, I took several 1% losses before I nailed it on the short side, I took like 3/4 1% losses on it, but then I nailed it and I made it back and then some.
  • DDOG looks amazing, been holding up so well during the carnage last week and then it bounced off this rising 50day, held closed green and now built a range, just looks so good.
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