78 [Corona stocks momentum leaving? Mar 4, 2020]

  • Unfortunately having gap downs on these corona names, would have preferred gap ups on all of these, maybe they will set up again today hopefully they can go higher, build some ranges.
  • CODX only one I’m looking to short out of the gate, only down 37% from Friday highs, thing could go to 10/9s easily. CODX I’m gonna size down a bunch of yest adds if it takes out hod, it’s just holding too well, it’s SPCE 2.0, it’s doing the exact same thing. Every time it tested the low of the range it popped, exact same play. CODX retesting the vwap, I have to believe this goes lower, has been building lhs on the 5min the past few days.
  • INO was a homerun trade yesterday, bought it late day 100k shares, I was up prob 350k on it, held 62k shares overnight, sold some in premarket once it started breaking down this 8.50/8 area, now I’m only down to 20k shares. Was just incredible, went straight up from my entry, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Such a perfect breakout yesterday omg, I should have bought 200k shares. INO already traded 45Mshares today just the first 30mins, with this volume could go to like 12 today. It was like a 5 star breakout yesterday. By the time it broke out, the vol was 45Mshares, the highest it had ever been, and it built hls all day intraday on super, super vol. It was just so textbook. The right sector, big big vol, and just a perfect flag pattern intraday. I got stopped out the first time around, I took a 13k loss on this weird red candle, I had about half size then it shook me out, then it started building back. 5.20 and 5.32 were my entries. Trades like this don’t grow on trees. Gonna use lods as stop.
  • TSLA too, I made like 300k on it yest, now it’s gapping up I held a bunch overnight. Like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if it went red, and it did, go red on the day. Just textbook setup, bounced right into support, a big bounce into resistance then it fades on the third day, it can’t become more textbook than this. This is like the most profitable daytrading/swingtrading setup there is. It’s just ultra profitable it really is. Memorise this type of setup. TSLA just fading out of the gate, not gonna add I don’t see an edge here today. TSLA actually showing rw compared to the market, there is a big level here 737, if it takes out that level it goes sub 700, but I hope it doesn’t take out that level today.
  • TVIX gonna look for orls, if the market starts stabilising TVIX will unwind big time. Short 5kshares of this, maybe do more later if it sets up well. Reshorted some TVIX 1/4 size. If it starts building lhs and takes out some ranges later in the day, I will add to my short. I have about 1/4 size so far. If mrkts start to stabilise, we don’t even have to go much higher, but if just the fear starts coming out of the mrkt, this TVIX will unwind to 70/60, over the next week or two, so I really want to be there with size. But obv if we go lower this TVIX will go to 150/200, so that’s why I’m doing small pieces at a time. Maybe I’ll do a bit more later in the day, I want to build a position over several days for the big fade that may come soon. These mrkt volatility products, they are programmed to go down, but sometimes you know, when mrkt volatility comes and u get sudden volatility, these things like TVIX, VXX and UVXY, which are all variants of this VIX fear index, these things can go up 50/100/150% in a matter of days. Back in 2018 one of these things halted and actually got delisted, if they go down more than 80% in one day they get liquidated. Yeah if you can get a cheap borrow they are good long term shorts, but understand the risk, these things are not stocks and they are not regular etfs, so understand what you’re trading, understand the risks and how they work.
  • China looks strong today overall, they’re pumping incredible amounts of money into the system with the stimulus thingys, I think once this corona stuff is over china could go on a big run. KWEB would prob be my preferred trade, it’s been building hls since Aug, and now last week too bounced off this rising trendline. KWEB stalking for a longer term entry, could be doing something similar to 2017 I think could go up for months/quarters make a big move, I wanna be there just not really ready yet.
  • AIM took out orhs at 2.20 and just went, chart looks good, volume is very good this thing could maybe go to $3/4.
  • Yeah I hold through earnings all the time, when I’m in the money and I think the next report is going to be good.
  • Okay guys I’m gonna teach you something. If you have a hot sector like this, you have to monitor, you have to create a watchlist and monitor all of the stocks. Just scroll through them during the day. This is unacceptable guys, I’m super disappointed. Like I have 40 corona stocks in my watchlist. I just scroll through them, the most liquid ones. I sort them by dollar vol. Most of them are too illiquid for me to trade, but like everyday, premarket and during the day, I scroll through this list, look for setups, look for news. You know guys you have to do these things, you really have to, there’s really no excuse. And if you think there’s too many, just focus on the most liquid ones. Markets like these are when you can make your whole year in a few weeks. You just have to do this over and over and over again.
  • Sometimes getting an edge is having fewer things on your charts. I just try to keep it very basic, I really don’t want to add anything, if anything I want to remove stuff, but I’m so used to using vwap and MAs, I don’t think I could ever remove those. Just trading off of basic price and volume action, and obviously identifying investor psychology, being able to identify these theme stocks before their big moves, and also the turning points on these things.
  • LK in 10kshares, like 1/2 size, see how it starts acting here, fat fingered another 10kshares, risking like $1.30 to potentially make $10/15/20, one of the most explosive stocks in the market rn, been showing extreme rs, is a 5* setup, obv if the market tanks from here it’s gonna go down, but as long as the market doesn’t go down I think it will work well.
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