76 [Still getting big opportunities trading virus stocks! Mar 2, 2020]

  • Too bad these corona stocks couldn’t hold their gains into the open, they were all gapping up nicely, now they’ve faded past half hour or so. I’m gonna try be cautious this week, usually my biggest pull backs always come after my biggest runs, so I don’t wanna get super aggressive on anything. I’ll short some more CODX, AHPI, APT if they set up, but I’ll probably do like 1/3 the size I did on Friday, bc the setups are not as good.
  • CODX got some short 17kshares in 19.50s, gapped up the most so far bc they had a pr. CODX would love to see a push towards vwap and a fail there for the add, then orls or something. Covering some here. CODX is right at vwap this is the strongest one. CODX failed at vwap clean fail at vwap so far. Okay it failed at vwap again, really failing hard at vwap, failing and failing here. Still watching this 15 area for later, willing to add more size. Still building lhs, feels like a flush coming just like APT I think we’re gonna get a big down candle soon.
  • TRIL I didn’t get any, was so thin I just passed on it. TRIL would have been nice out of the gate. Now down over a dollar from orls.
  • AHPI has barely traded 300kshares, oh got halted on the first 1min candle. APHI needs to go back to low/mid 20s for me to short it. Maybe there will be a trade on these later in the day, now it’s all a waiting game as usual, all about waiting for your spots.
  • APT damn they wouldn’t let me in that one. Bouncing a bit, I’m not gonna short it now, I really want this to bounce back to low/mid 20s. APT this could go to like 13 today, literally nearest support. This thing was at 27 premarket, would have been so much awesome if it had opened there, but there could still be a trade here is building lhs, if it breaks 16 could be a trade there, can’t come up for air. I do sometimes trade premarket, but there was no volume there, look if there had been more volume on APT I would have shorted it premarket, but it was very thin. I added starter here dollar stop. Stopped starter but will add back if see a good setup, in hindsight I see it’s been building hls on the 5min. APT new lows, didn’t get full size bc I didn’t think it was gonna flush yet, really no support until low 13s.
  • TVIX looking for first red 5min candle to initiate a swing short, not gonna do any big size or anything. Really no 5 star setups out there right now, so everything I do is not with big size. TVIX starting to build this 5min candle, damn didn’t have any orders in had to chase a bit. Stopped out starter, higher it goes the better. TVIX got back a starter on, just positioning for a short term market bounce, but I think the bounce will fail, not doing crazy size in any of these not 5* setups.
  • CPHI hand sanitiser, oh so they’re actually making money off this product, damn if I had just known this at the open would have bought orhs, maybe there will be a setup later in the day. CPHI looks like it really could go, reclaimed vwap, I’m gonna start stalking for an entry on this. I’ll buy a starter 50kshares. CPHI if it dips a little bit I’ll add more.
  • IBIO failed at vwap, I’m not gonna trade it. IBIO actually building hls intraday, see if it can reclaim vwap. Holding well below vwap so far, rn I don’t see an edge so far. IBIO having a down candle, had this insane pullback Friday went down 56% intraday in like an hour then bounced 78% in 15mins, insane volatility.
  • OMI did a bunch of this, in case it wants to go crazy. OMI is fading, this one is just coming out of a base, it’s not getting pumped yet. I’d rather buy the ones that are not getting pumped yet, but maybe will get pumped.
  • TTNP going, now they’re really reaching into the bottom of the barrel with these pumps, I don’t think any of these are gonna make big moves. Entry was orhs much lower, needs to go sideways if you want to buy it.
  • IFRX yeah they’re trying to pump everything, I really don’t have any confidence in these thin tertiary plays. Like I had confidence in APT and CODX when they broke out, these were the primary plays, but now they’re just going for the really bottom of the bottom of the barrel. I just don’t have any confidence buying any of those, especially with the main ones having pulled back so much, but you never know.


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