75 [EPIC 7-figure profit week! Feb 28, 2020]

  • TVIX added a bunch late day yesterday, then today gapped 20%. Sold some when it started fading pm, but bought back once it broke above 115 range, and willing to add more. If mkt keep tanking, this could go 150/200, no joke, historically looking at the VIX it’s not that high. TVIX sold all, TQQQ bouncing nicely but not gonna go short TVIX. TVIX been slowly adding it back, been building hls on the 1min, if the markets are really gonna go into panic mode, gonna be epic. TVIX about to take out the hods, could get some potential fireworks.
  • Tried starter shorts on Corona stocks, but stopped out for small losses pm. Could go higher but also could go down 30/50% intraday, we’ve seen it before eg shippers back in 2015, they had insane momo, big gap ups on the final day then just tanked. Like SINO went up 900% in 5 days, then down 68% intraday. ESEA another one down 67% in 2days. If one tanks they all gonna tank. But sure they could go 100 plus, they could all go 1000 plus.
  • All of these stocks went up another 100% after I sold them. Awh, I can’t believe these things, well I can believe them, I’ve seen this movie many times before. Don’t be too early on these things guys, there’s gonna be a lot of downside, and there will be plenty of time to short these things on the backside. It’s just in my personality to try nail the top, well, try short them before they turn sometimes. I’m almost always too early with my starters. There’s gonna be plenty of room on the backside, just don’t be too early. No1 rule of momo stocks: don’t be too early. On some of these it may be better to wait until they’re down 10/15/20%, then wait for some backside setup.
  • APT I lost like 150k yday shorting it, was the strongest one of them. APT short orl starter. Downhalt. APT super strong, stopped out starter. APT still holding kinda hard to know if it wants to go to 25 or 45, okay I shorted some it took out this consolidation to the downside, I have orders set to short more. APT still in this tight tight range, okay looks weak for now, has been building lhs on the 1min so far. APT stopped out on this candle. APT just keeps grinding higher. APT did put in a lh on the 1min so far. I added back a starter. Right back up, it has another range here though at 35. Best case it cracks this 35, fades lower, then bounces back into vwap and fails, this is still frontside make no mistake. APT still holding above vwap, it needs to break vwap. APT now below vwap, still needs that 35 break, could go to 25, red on the day. Can be as violent to the downside as it was on the upside, do not underestimate it. APT cracked, I’m gonna cover very few before like 25. I may regret it but this thing, I don’t wanna underestimate it. Halted, finally. I’ll be ready with a cover for some of my shares if it gaps lower. Yeah I shorted it too early before, lost 150k, but if it goes down to 25 I’ll make 450k.
  • CODX I was up almost 100k yday then I minimised it, I took a small small loss on it then it closed strong and no reason to hold overnight. CODX short orl starter. Downhalt. CODX did get rejected off its declining vwap that’s something to keep in mind, added some more vwap as stop. Let’s see if CODX can fail at vwap again and take out these low 18s I may add more to it. CODX is weakening but I’m kinda full size on it I don’t think I’ll add, maybe later not now. CODX perking higher here, let’s see if it gets rejected at vwap or gonna reclaim. CODX firming up actually been building hls since the open, not something I want to see. CODX looks like it’s been rejected at the vwap for now but kinda just hugging vwap I don’t like that. If it reclaims vwap gonna size down I don’t like it holding up this well. Has another level here if it starts taking out this 17.60 area could have a flush here.
  • VIR yday I was up like 50k then ended up being close to 10k on it, closed strong, showing big rw compared to the other ones. VIR short orl starter. Downhalt. VIR I just covered a little bit more than half. VIR why didn’t I short more of this, super tanking rn, cover 4k out of 5kshares, down 43% since the open. VIR I got filled on my last shares, tough trade you literally had to short it the first minute or so, after that they didn’t give any entry.
  • AHPI still halted. Damn it APHI, was so many things tanking at the same time. Vwap AHPI is at 37 would be nice if it can bounce back there. Gapped up after the halt right to vwap very thin stock I don’t think I’ll trade. These are so hard to trade they just get halted all the time. About to take out the highs. APHI starting to tank now, one by one they’re giving up, at least the main ones.
  • AIM wow yeah now they’re starting to take the tertiary names higher. Primary names become secondary names, classic sector rotation, and now they’re starting to take some tertiary names higher. I like to trade the primary names I don’t like to touch the tertiary ones. Those are more like day trading names. It’s not like they’re breaking out of nice bases. These are just random ones that could tank at any time.
  • TSLA I covered up 1/4 yday and another 1/4 today. If TSLA takes out hods I’m gonna size down significantly, looks like it found support on the rising 50day.
  • Yeah this is literally the kinda market you can buy any shit stock and it will go higher. It’s not gonna last long trust me on this one. It might last today, but next week I think it will die out.
  • MRNA I should have traded yesterday, this was the trade, look at how perfect, lower highs for like an hour and a half, and then it just broke down below this range here and it was ultra liquid. Just such a beautiful, beautiful trade that I didn’t get.
  • TQQQ the only thing I’m looking to long potentially is this, I’m thinking it might setup similar to this Feb 2018, similar scenario, waterfall sell off, less violent than this one just two weeks, found support on rising 200day then it bounced like 55% in less than 2 months. That’s the only thing I’m looking to buy, individual stocks not at all. Over 71 I’ll do some for a swing trade, building hls, I’ll do a starter here.
  • Yeah I’m making and losing 100/150k in mins and I don’t even give a sh*t, that’s how desensitised I’ve become. It all depends on size of account though, 100/200k, doesn’t really move the needle in my account. It’s not about shares it’s about position size, but I would never risk more than 1% of my account on any trade. Most of my trades I risk like 0.2-0.5%, obv I’ve been a bit heavier now in this crazy action.

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