69 [Tesla going to $1500? Feb 19, 2020]

  • TSLA I got stopped out then added back late day bc I saw these hls being built and added some 855, only bought 1kshares but up 6figures on those. I’ll add to my TSLA long also if it sets up like yesterday, where it builds higher lows into a range break. It doesn’t even necessarily have to take out hods. Like yesterday I anticipated a break, at least on my second entry, I bought it 854 or something, hod was 860, it built higher lows for several hours. If it builds that type of pattern today I may add to it use a tight tight stop, this thing is really the risk on barometer for the whole stock market rn. I’ll add through hods, nothing crazy 500shares, just in case it goes nuts, I think it could do something even more crazy, I’m just following price action. TSLA I got stopped in. If this goes up another 100 bucks will be 1M unrealised. I’m just so happy I trade price action and not fundamentals. Short float is irrelevant, doesn’t matter, it’s an old number anyway. It already had its squeeze, yes it can squeeze higher, but that number is from a few weeks back. All of this, it doesn’t really matter, these things are only known in hindsight. But making money in the stock market is anticipating moves before they happen. There’s always all these narratives that come out later, oh it was the Chinese, it was the Saudis, it was Jim Simons, people always want explanations for things, but sometimes there’s no explanation. There were more buyers that sellers, that’s it. What I’m more interested in, who would be buying this thing to push to 1200 plus? So if all these people are in, who the hell is left to buy this thing at these levels? That’s what I would like to know.
  • SPCE took a loss yesterday early, it went higher reshorted later in the day on a range break, chased it a little bit, but made back loss and then some, covered all before close. Today it is gapping higher, looking for orls or any range break to downside. Shorted starter did anticipate a little bit, will add more if it takes out lods. SPCE back near highs, I thought it would go lower I guess it’s a good thing if it keeps going higher, good thing I locked 1/4 into weakness. Stopped small loss, will keep stalking it rest of day looking for an entry like yesterday, a range break to the downside, like midday yesterday. It peaked, pulled back, grinded up higher, made a lower high, then it just started lower highs, then we had this range break. Like yday late day, that’s where I shorted yesterday 34.70s, well actually I anticipated a little bit. SPCE looking to add more, too bad it had this annoying shake out earlier. Actually can draw a straight line, maybe later in the day if it breaks this trendline.
  • BYND entry was yday, today is just chasing.
  • ENPH, what a candle, maybe it goes to 100 today. Holy sh*t the buying frenzy in this thing. I thought the chart was extended too, but apparently not. Sometimes the big moves come after big moves. That’s how it works, but you never know which ones it’s going to be. That’s the hard part.
  • What can I say, I’m an optimist. Doesn’t pay to be a pessimist. Actually I’m an optimist on both sides. When I was short TSLA I thought it would go to 550. I’m an optimist on all of my trades, doesn’t matter if it’s a long or a short.
  • There are pretty much two kinds of markets. One is the market we are in right now. Where you always underestimate how far to the upside stocks can go. The other type of market is where you always underestimate how low they can go. The art of trading, is trying to figure those things out, ahead of time. That’s really difficult.
  • I am stalking this NIO, hopefully it doesn’t go today, I would like to see a b/o tomos. This thing could easily run up 50%, it’s building a very powerful flag pattern here. Went up 365%, then it pulled back 37%, now it’s been going sideways for the past month and a half, with higher lows, getting really tight here.
  • AMD damn, I had like 20% of my account in this thing from the low 40s, I mean holding is so hard. Just holding a stock and trailing your stop, it’s so hard. I really didn’t think this was gonna go much higher. I think I sold most in 49s or 50s [10/20day break]. If I had just held held, and avoided all these other trades.
  • This market is unbelievable right now, feels too good to be true. I think if we keep going straight up, we’ll get some epic short opps next week. Right now, we are in the type of market where narrative and story trumps fundamentals.
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