70 [$SPCE going to space? Feb 20, 2020]

  • SPCE just coming out of a 2day consolidation I don’t think there’s an edge on the short side, could go up much more. You know what maybe I’ll buy the orhs it has been building hls on the 1min, just a token position incase it goes to like 50 idk. SPCE still building hls intraday, and 24mins in already the highest volume 60min candle ever for this stock. I have an order in, if it breaks out above this range gonna buy 10kshares, I’m gonna risk a dollar on this trade, this thing could really do something fantastic. I usually don’t trade off the 1min chart, except the first few minutes, but this is an extreme momo stock with insane vol. We’ll see, I’m probably gonna get stopped out.
  • NIO I took a tiny starter yday looks pretty good, hls for over a month now, getting tight on the chart. Holy sh*t NIO, damn I only got filled tiny. I guess 50kshares is better than nothing, don’t wanna chase it here.
  • TSLA sold everything in premarket, and flipped short, if it goes green I’ll cover, and may add more orl or a break of yesterday’s lows. This could be a potential double top/lower high. TSLA added some to short. It is on the rising 20ma on the hourly, if it can’t bounce here, I think will pull back, too early to tell I’m short a couple thousand shares rn. It kinda looked like a spinning top candle on the daily, I thought this was lhs, if it sets up again I may go long but prob gonna take a few days.
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