67 [So many good earnings reports! Feb 14, 2020]

  • ROKU bought some pm, good earnings nice beat, been building hls for a year and now been going sideways for about 6months. Enormous volume coming in right out of the gate, unfortunately stopped out of pm starter, will get back in if it takes out orhs. ROKU stopped in again, lets see if it can have any juice now, will add it it takes out 5min orhs. ROKU stopped out of starter twice, sucks. Those are my favourite type of stocks, liquid high priced, with big growth, you can risk $1/2 to make $50/100 just great. ROKU does look great on the weekly, similar to GDDY but much more explosive setup.
  • DXCM had great earnings, now up 43% from initial buy, prob not add here but could be a nice continuation setup, but I don’t wanna buy any stocks here would rather buy something like ROKU coming out of a nice consolidation. DXCM looks amazing, I’ll sell about 15% of what I have. Good thing I sold some into that opening rush. Now it’s just fading, I think it’s going to find support on the rising 20/50day and eventually it’s going to go higher. I sold some at open and still have most of my position with a trailing stop.
  • AYX good earnings, is a little bit extended but the fact that it isn’t gapping up a lot I think there could be a buying opp there with a wide stop, I’m stalking it. AYX bought some orhs. I may even add more to it. I was thinking I’d buy more then it took out this 150 high but I never added, should have added.
  • TSLA trying to figure out some levels again, so far not a lot of juice to the upside on this rangebreak, but could very easily just go sideways a few days then go. TSLA now this trendline here is acting as support, was resistance for a long time, retested this line at the open and now looks like it wants to take out yday highs. If it gets really tight later in the day I may get long/short this thing, either 819 upside or 786 on the downside, but it needs to be tight and work immediately for me to hold overnight.
  • What stopped me getting stopped out DXCM back in mid Dec? My stop was way lower, probably breakeven, I did size down a little bit on it, when it closed below the 20 day, but I kept most of my shares. When a stock comes out of such a base as DXCM did, with a long long great looking base, great earnings, I really try to hold it, try to use the weekly MAs, like now my stops are the 10/20 weekly. It depends on the situation, when they come out of solid bases, you want to give them more room, rather than something that’s already extended. Like VEEV I moved my stop up, it’s such a slow moving stock, I don’t wanna get trapped in this, if it’s gonna move lower I just want to get stopped out so I can move on. It all depends on the situation. On these small cap stocks, I’m obviously using the daily, because these are not institutional quality stocks. These either go up like 50/100% really quick or not. Small caps and large caps don’t trade the same way.
  • This is the problem with the market having such a big run over the past 3 months. This is the exact opposite of what happened last earnings season, a lot of stocks were just coming out of their long, long bases. And now, things are getting sold off these earnings reports, because they had big runs.
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