66 [Tesla is flagging, can it go to $2000? Feb 13, 2020]


  • CODX gapping up this thing had an offering couple of days ago, little bit intriguing tbh, they’ve been pumping prs, everyone knows it’s a pos and still holding up, has this range break here 3.60 area, I’m concerned if they’re gonna halt this thing like they did with AEMD bc of these pump prs. Acting really well, I bought some, prob not overnight but intraday could squeeze, tight tight stop literally no risk in it. Stopped out quick trade. CODX not going away, actually building hls intraday on the 5min. Watching CODX really closely. This mid 3.50s is a big range break for it. It’s been building higher lows for 2 weeks. It had an offering a few days ago, but it’s just not going away. And now it has big volume into this range break. I think this could do something fantastic if it breaks.
  • TSLA lots of negative news this morning. 2B stock offering, which is surprisingly small for this size stock (expected 5/10B), recalled 15K model X and SEC subpoena. But the news doesn’t matter, it’s the price action that matters, and so far; yesterday late day TSLA broke below trendline, after a failed breakout, slammed back into range, did lower highs rest of day, then faded late day and AH. Now resting on 65ema hourly and price also below 10day MA now. Rn I’m short 4kshares, added a bunch yday late day bc it was so tight I kinda anticipated the fade was short 5700shares I had a $3 stop on most shares. I only held 3kshares over and added some pm 7.40s. Undercut this hourly 65ema again, let’s see if it’s gonna reclaim or go lower, so far going higher. Bouncing perfectly just as it did many other times, so the key is if it can retest this 764 area and go green, or if it’s just gonna retest the area and slowly start fading through the day. Holding firmly above vwap but I think we could fade, that’s been the trend a morning rush then slowly fizzles out rest of the day, exact same pattern the past 5/6days, I sized down a little from pm adds.
  • TSLA about to go green, so far acting very well on this news, now it’s above the 10day, still waiting for the first red 5min candle break was very close to triggering here but not quite. I added back some of the shares I covered earlier but not gonna go huge size bc it’s not tight like yday is loose here. If TSLA closes strong today I will stop shorting, bc I’m getting tired of it, it’s not playing out like I thought it would not rn anyway, and now it has developed some nice ranges on the 60min, if it goes green I’ll just cover it all and start waiting for these ranges on the 60min. I covered up most of my shares, just incredible how strong this thing is. And if it closes like this, I’ll not hold any overnight, I’ll close my swing completely. Bc now this is the info I need, the fact it bounced off this 65ema again, and going back into range, I’m not stupid, I can see what this stock is trying to tell me. Heck, I might even switch to a long bias if it goes sideways a few more days then breakout above this level.
  • TSLA I’m actually quite exhausted from the size I’ve had on, I’ve never traded this kinda size before, $3/4M positions. But it was a good experience, bc that’s how you take your trading to a new level. You have to force yourself to push size, you have to get comfortable with big pnl swings, otherwise, you know I see a lot of successful traders on twitter, and they just cannot push their size. They trade the same size they were trading 5/7 years ago. And it’s amazing, they’re so deep into their comfort zone. They’re still trading for those 500/700 bucks per day, and they just can’t get out of it. Me personally, I just want to push my size to infinity. Every year I want to increase my size, every year I want to get better, and bigger. I’ve done it for many years now. That’s the only way, you have to push yourself.
  • I can’t believe how many people I’ve unfollowed bc of all the bearishness. Here’s where I started trading, May 2011. Ever since I joined fintwit, all of these bears, they always talk about what can go wrong, nobody ever talks about what can go right. It’s so f*cking stupid. Yes there will be bear markets along the way, yes there will be corrections. Shortly after I started, the Nasdaq corrected 20% in a few weeks. We had corrections in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. Yes there will eventually be a bear market, but what good is it to call a bear market if you’re wrong for 5/10 years? It’s just so stupid. Only thing one really needs to do is just follow the price.
  • I like this FCEL how it’s holding above the 20day after breaking this midlevel base. Very bullish on this sector, just waiting for them to go sideways a bit more so I can add.
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