64 [Earnings season and the hunt for the next 6-figure opportunity is here. Feb 11, 2020]

  • DAO is gapping down, I really want to see 40 before I short it, more vol would be nice too.
  • FCEL gapping, I bought 200k shares yesterday had pretty big volume almost 41M shares. It looks good, failed this first base it built, gapped down on earnings, faded. But now it’s been having this rounded bottom, this lower base it’s been building over the past few weeks, and then a range break. It closed above the 20 day and it looks good. I think this thing could easily go to 4 bucks, fuel cell stocks are strong at the moment.
  • LAC I bought in my smallest account yday, I think this thing could potentially be a ten bagger over the next few years this is more like an investment opportunity.
  • ACMR I bought yday midday.
  • DGAZ I took a loss at first yday but then rebought smaller size unfortunately, gapping higher gonna put a stop on it in case it fades back, this is a very speculative position.
  • TSLA added some premarket high 770s, looks good so far just going sideways rn, unless it starts breaking key support areas not gonna trade around it. TSLA I couldn’t resist I shorted some orls. TSLA so far so good but it is still above this rising trending building clear hls for the past week, needs to break this 750 at least. Looking at the 60min needs to take out yday lows at a minimum, the 10day is about to catch up to the price maybe today/tomos. So question is, if TSLA put in a lower high, or if it’s about to take out highs of the day. That’s the big q. Idk. It’s had this perfect series of higher lows, with one undercut at 700; that’s when I was up 650k or so, I should have booked it all, I thought it would go to sub 600, but I got a little bit greedy. I do think there’ll be another big opp. Either it goes on another run, past like 1000, goes to like 2000 or something and we get another para to trade. Or if we get a breakdown from a tight, tight range. But I do think there will be a big trade, I may even long this thing. Right now looking objectively at it, it is kinda flagging. You have this series of higher lows on the 60 min chart, why can’t this thing go to 1000 plus? Just so hard to go long this thing, especially after being short biased. You never know, but that would truly be a black swan if that happened. There’s no reason to go huge size, unless it starts taking out some support levels. Sometimes you get overexcited and then the markets just f*ck you over. Happens all the time to me, I’m so used to it. Just stopped out a bunch TSLA pm and orls adds. TSLA I think it goes higher, it does have a range here and been building hls, I think it breaks higher, have to look at big picture as long as it’s holding these hls on the 60min there’s not gonna be a move down.
  • I’m always one foot out of the door, since the markets are kinda extended, and every indicator is saying very overbought. But the thing is, if we go into a blow off move, looking at the Nasdaq, everyone’s been calling to top for years and years. What if we start speeding up, what if we speed up and go to like 11k, 12k, just like in the late 90s? So I don’t think there’s any reason to be bearish. Cautious yes, but bearish? Absolutely not. Until the strong price action in the indices change, and in my long positions change, you know, that’s when I sell. But right now, things are acting really well, and that’s why I’m heavily invested rn.
  • And now it’s a waiting game. Remember you don’t have to trade every single day. The big money is in the waiting, that’s the key. Waiting for those good setups, waiting for those great stocks to trigger.
  • Lots of things look great, but the markets are extended. If the markets pull back to the rising 20 day, all breakouts will fail. Just have to be aware of that.
  • EEM, it’s mostly china stocks. It tried to breakout a month ago then corona happened and it dipped back into range, but it’s holding higher lows, I think over the next few years this thing could easily double, triple, do something like here from 2003-2008. This is a launchpad. This is a launchpad for a rocket, and these higher lows, that’s rocket fuel.
  • MSFT look at this chart just keeps going higher and higher, look how smooth this move is, hls hls and starting to speed up, obv this fun will end but the question is when? AAPL too not as linear but big move since 2009. The money is made in holding. Money is not made in trading stuff, the money is made in holding, having patience. That’s my biggest weakness: trading too much, overtrading. I’m a chronic over trader, I really am. I should probably cut my trading in half, I’d be much more profitable.
  • What could reverse this market? Anything. It could literally be anything. It doesn’t have to be one specific event, though the media will try convince you otherwise. Just one day, the market starts going down, it doesn’t have to be more complicated than that. And honestly who cares? No one knows. There’s no money in speculating what the market will do, just focus on the price action. And especially the price action of the leaders. I’ve completely stopped financial media, cos I realised no one knows anything. It’s all just entertainment. Macro is not really my thing, especially if you get it right, you also have to get the timing right. All these people, the big short, all these people who saw the financial crisis coming, they were like 2, 3, 4 years too early, like what’s the point? That’s why I’m a very nimble trader, I just follow the price. The price will always tell me when it’s time to get out and when it’s time to get in. Not the interest rates, not the media, no one, other than price.
  • Dude I quit school before I even knew how to trade or at least make any money. I started trading in the last few weeks of school, but it took me like 3 years to make any decent money, the first two years we’re just losing money. I was broke as f*ck, and I just opened an account to trade. I had a flexible job too, a security guard job, and I could finish school also, so I had like two lifelines, if it went to sh*t. And it did, I blew up several times, thankfully with small sums of money.
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