63 [Tesla gap up and fade. Feb 10, 2020]

  • TSLA gapping up, I sized down a bit when it broke out of flag premarket, I sized down about half, but I added back around this 812 area so still have my 3200shares, looking to add more. Gap up, this is great, but we’ll see, any orl action, or consolidation and break to the downside, I’ll add to my short. Or cover if it breaks even higher, just playing the ranges. TSLA so far showing pretty much strength. Stopped out most of size on TSLA, too bad, minimised this trade, was up close to 650k at one point, gave back about half. This thing stronger than I thought. Sucks, but I think it will give more opportunities. TSLA trying to work on its first red 5min candle, that’s usually been a very good entry point the past few sessions.
  • TSLA I did add on red 5 min candle after pop on Tesla. My stop on everything is now hod. Oh and now bids are gone, I guess now I’m looking for a vwap fail to add. So far TSLA couldn’t even bounce back to it’s vwap, we’ll see. Hopefully it can go in a range here for the next few hours then have a midday/late day breakout, like it’s had every day for the past 3 sessions. That’s usually when the euphoric buyers give up. TSLA is near lod and I’ve added back almost full size on it. I will add more through the day, if I see good setups on it.
  • BLDP looks great flagging really nicely and just hls all the way, same thing it did here the last time it broke out, built hls and then broke higher, same thing here. BLDP bought orhs.
  • FCEL just triggered, bought a starter, Fuel cell stocks very strong today. If this can get some volume and a stronger move I’ll add another 50kshares. So far volume really not impressive at all, also has the declining 20day overhead, but this could be a starter if the Fuel cells get going, and it’s just not going away kinda building a base here lower. Bought more now have 100kshares 1.83 avg. Nice reclaimed the 20day, looks like I’ll be adding more size later, looks so good maybe if we can dip a little bit.
  • SHOP looks a bit extended up 44% since Nov when it broke out of this little base, now about to report earnings but thing is it looked similar or even more extended early last year broke out of this base ran up 40% before earnings, held the rising 20day all the way up except this quick undercut, then they reported earnings and look at this ran up another 75% over the next 4months, so trying to have an open mind on this SHOP one of the best growth stories in the market rn.
  • DGAZ, bought half size on this, this is a very speculative trade. Anticipated orhs a little bit. It’s really really tight intraday. When UNG is hitting new atls, is when this this makes moves. This is kinda a low probability trade, but I’m pretty much risking like 2/3 dollars to potentially make, kinda like 2015 when it goes up 200%, risk 3 bucks to maybe make 300 bucks. Yeah, low probability of that happening, but, I just can’t not do it. Okay I got stopped out, that was that trade.
  • Also remember guys, you don’t need to trade 50 things. 1, 2, 3 stocks per day, there’s really no need to trade more than that. That’s something I’m continuously struggling with, but I’ve become better over the years. Just focus on a few ones, that really is the key.
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