62 [$TSLA bounce day. Feb 6, 2020]

  • TSLA these daily gap downs annoy the sh*t out of me, I held 3kshares overnight and I managed to short 800shares premarket, but yeah a gap up yesterday and a gap up today would have been much better. It is at some type of support on the 60min chart, but I fully believe this thing goes to 650s first target, there’s more downside. TSLA could easily bounce back to like 750 or something but I think there is a lot more downside before support areas. Added some orls at 700. It is right at the 60min 65ema. This thing has been acting as support the whole run since back in December, and now it’s on this white line again. I do think we’ll breach it, today or tomorrow. But the question is can we bounce back in the short term first, we’ll see. If it takes out hods I’ll cover pretty much everything I shorted orl and premarket if it takes out hods; Lock in a small profit on pre and a small loss on orls adds.
  • TSLA see if it wants to put in a nice big bounce or just fade lower like yday. I am looking for a potential re-entry point. If it starts failing at vwap, and then taking out the orl, I’ll add back what I covered. Before that i’ll just let it do what it wants to do. It could very easily bounce back to 750s today. Have to be prepared for every scenario; super important.
  • TSLA just in a tight, tight range since the open. Looks like it wants to go green on the day. It’s been building higher lows on the 5min and 1min charts, its holding above vwap. That’s a sign of strength, at least so far, that can always change.
  • TSLA that’s a big bounce, I really thought it was gonna fade lower. Again I’m gonna be in this short for months if I have to, I do think it will go down to 600, but in the short term it can just chop around. I think this will give opps for many weeks, it has such a big range. There will be a lot of opps on both long and short side. We’ll see how TSLA does late day, let the euphoric buyers do their thing and then we’ll see how it does late day. I’ve sized down a little bit from my o/n position. 60 Min chart, this declining EMA 760 area, maybe be some kinda resistance. I really thought it would go lower, I didn’t think it would bounce here. I thought it would hit the daily 10MA at a minimum, but nope.
  • TSLA I am actively looking for a potential entry. Maybe if we get a red 5min candle or anything like that, or any kind of range lower. Okay we’re starting to build the first red 5min candle here. Looking for ranges to the downside, especially if we get them mid/late day. If it’s strong, I’ll just get stopped out at my levels. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. I think this thing is gonna be choppy the next few days so I don’t wanna get chopped up on my adds. I really want to cover in the low 600s, or maybe even the high 500s, if it doesn’t go there, then it doesn’t go there, but to make big money you gotta have some conviction.
  • PBYI, yeah it had a decent 2 day move, orls. Yeah thats a very good daytrading setup. 4.5* Daytrading setup. Would have been better if it had gapped up, but orl after a big 2 day move, I used to trade those kinda setups all the time.
  • JAN I like this chart every time it spikes they just sell it back down again and this time was no different, and people keep on buying it, kinda funny every single time.
  • ETCG bought 2kshares in smallest account, gonna have a pretty wide stop on it just so thin but I think this thing could double here, last time it had a run broke out of this flag and tripled in two months, I don’t expect a triple but why not double?
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