59 [Coronavirus stocks choppiest theme pumps I’ve ever seen. Feb 3, 2020]

  • GILD is up bc I read they have the only effective drug against corona, that absolutely killed all these corona plays, NNVC, CBLI, LLIT, AHPI, all down 20-30% premarket, absolutely killed all these pump stocks. And too bad it’s GILD, would have been epic if it had been any of these stocks all around 30/40/50/100M mcaps, GILD is up 5% pm thats a $4B mcap gain, imagine if that money had flown into something like INO or AHPI or something those would be ten baggers instantly.
  • APT and LAKE the only ones holding up bc these are not drug related, they make protective gear, APT really intriguing holding up really well range here 6.90, I’m long 30kshares from last week and maybe add more. APT bought some here 6.90 break, only got filled half 15kshares. Stopped adds.
  • CODX long since Friday had a pr late day, I bought 50kshares in the 3.10s, ran up quickly 20% then I sold some ahs and yeah it pulled back on this GILD news, very close to stopping me out. CODX gonna raise my stop on it, I only have 16kshares left I sold 2/3 pm.
  • VXRT long 200kshares since late Friday, had a perfect breakout late day I bought 200kshares, it had a big move ah and pm I was up 45%, sold some before the close, some ah and some pm today, and again very close to getting stopped out printed below my stop but pm and not much liquidity, I still have 170shares and actually grinding back pm. Back to pm highs, gonna put some sell orders in. I should have sold more into this strength, prob going to fade back now to entry.
  • TSLA is a trade I regret a little bc the setup wasn’t good, I was too aggressive on the frontside, I knew it was a bad setup I mentioned it also this is only day1 coming out of a range so not a great setup, and yet I was still pretty aggressive on the frontside, not a big loss but still. Today I’m not gonna touch it, needs to really blow off or if I’m gonna short it into weakness it needs to start violating these rising 10/20 EMAs on the 60min, been surfing these all the way up, needs to violate them and start testing them to the downside. TSLA just straight up, once this thing pulls back it’s gonna be a 500k trade if I don’t f*ck it up, it’s now 140% above its rising 200day and 60% above its 50day. TSLA starting to speed up here, I think we’re gonna get a play this week. Look at this bounce on TSLA on the vwap, how perfect is this bounce just incredible, idk why vwap works but it just really works well on momo stocks.
  • SXTC corona play, why is this thing up when all the others are down? Interesting, has volume too. I bought a bunch here, idk why it’s going up but it’s going up on volume, I missed orhs unfortunately but got filled 85kshares so far. Going to have its highest volume day ever if this volume keeps up.
  • NNVC probably a good short here but I just don’t like shorting stocks that are down this much, it’s a mental barrier what can I say. NNVC this is what I said prob a great short opp here, I need to get rid of that mental barrier I have, I’m already keen to short on the frontside but not as eager shorting things on backside when they’re even better shorts.
  • SAVA triggered idk what to do with it, there’s no volume it in just super super illiquid rn, so rn not gonna touch it. Starting to get some volume, does look good on the 60min, why can’t this thing go to $12 idk, and just not going away, ok I bought some here tiny 20kshares risking 45c, volume starting to pick up on the 60min.
  • LK had a hit piece on Friday, Muddywaters then Citron came in and defended it and it had a big big down day, retested this breakout area 27, I didn’t buy it here if I had seen it I would probably have bought some but was pretty fast. I think it needs more time to setup, ideal scenario today would have been if it had gapped down, then I would probably have taken some long.
  • No I don’t, no I don’t, not really [need index to be above certain MA when looking for long positions]. My best buying opportunity ever was late Dec/early Jan 2018/2019, I made a sh*t ton of money on those buys around here. I bought a bunch of stocks, and the indices were below every moving average.
  • In down or sideways markets how does my approach change? I trade less breakouts, or at least in theory. Sometimes I get tempted and then I get chopped around. When I see something really good, I mean, I have to trade it.
  • ARWR nice pullback to the 150day, this would be a longer term play, had great earnings etc, recent big runner.
  • IIPR you could buy it right here for a longer term entry, I think over the next few years this thing is gonna go to 200, all depends on your timeframes but not for me, not here, maybe if it goes sideways a bit more. I traded it back here [5/6/2019] then it ran up 55% in a couple of weeks, this was a really good trade. If it builds a better base over the next few weeks/month/wait for the next earnings that would be it for me. Like there’s a lot of stocks I think will be higher over the next few years but I can’t trade them all, I need to wait for my specific setups, I’m not an investor.
  • ACB looks interesting trying to bottom here, showing rs towards the other MJ stocks that’s why it’s kinda interesting here. ACB wants to take out hods, but really not my type of setup and they have earnings Friday so I’ll pass on it.
  • When I used to day trade, no I never shorted day one. Day one is where accounts are broken, I learned it the hard way, trust me on that one.
  • EWZ I wonder if this Brazil could be a good entry here, this exact trade has worked for the past year and a half, buy when it pulls back.
  • APLS I’m gonna buy it but gonna use a wider stop on it, gonna use this 40 as my stop not today lods but let it chop around a little bit, ah idk not excited about the market, I expect it to be choppy, ah I’ll just pass on it.
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