58 [Corona plays and Tesla! Jan 31, 2020]

  • TDNM I didn’t buy the dip, I’m the worlds worst dip buyer, maybe if it dips a little bit more maybe Ill buy it, just so scary buying dips I hate buying dips I always buy breakouts.
  • VSTM still long, still flagging, the 20day has caught up, this thing has to go soon, a strong stock when the 20day catches up it usually goes, so if there is going to be any legs to this it has to go.
  • APT I bought some yday, had 30kshares but sold 20kshares before the close since it closed so weak in case it was gonna gap down, I’ll maybe add back some, these things are not going away they’re like the choppiest trades ever. These corona names are intriguing longs for over the weekend in case the situation worsens, even though some of these have already doubled, they can go up another 50/100%.
  • CODX bought some small here 50kshares risking 12/13c on it, these things are not going away they start pushing each other, they look like they’re fading away then one of them starts going and pulls back the others then the others start going, these types of sector plays can be choppy. Looks really good been building hls on the 60min, maybe I’ll add to it later. Reminds me of this SAVA on the 60min, hls range break and look at what it did, shot up 48% in 2hours. CODX very similar, multi day range, very strong explosive chart, if it can build here a little bit more could easily go 4+, and if it does I wanna be there with 100kshares. CODX stopped out.
  • VXRT really strong, look at the volume on it, tempted to buy some, if it can go sideways a little bit here before it makes new highs, I’m just very intrigued by it. It’s 47mins after the open and already traded 30Mshares, okay I bought some, prob not a great idea to buy it here but idk the volume is just enormous. Didn’t stop me out, and this volume wow.
  • TSLA just went red premarket, I shorted some yday this thing just couldn’t break this 648 went in a tight range then it starting kinda looked like it was gonna break down late in the day that’s when I shorted, was a little bit of a gamble could have easily gapped up or something. I just added to TSLA short here since it went red. TSLA needs to break this 638, does have a range there. TSLA trying to break range to the downside, I’ve been slowly adding back shares. I’m usually very defensive when things hit backside, TSLA is still frontside but once it hits backside I will try to be aggressive, I’m never aggressive on backside and I really need to learn to be, bc I’m not of a kind of trader who wants to kinda nail the top, and sometimes it costs me, but other times it works too so it’s a double edged sword. No juice yet on this TSLA, this is not a decisive candle yet. TSLA pretty stressful trade 4kshares, kinda loose stop too I probably have to tighten up a little bit bc I’d rather not take a 40k loss on this position, maybe if it reclaims and holds vwap I’ll get out partial. This is a megacap stock up 150% above its 200day, I’ve never seen anything like it, 45% above its 50day. It is trying to breakdown, but you never know with these, it shows one down day then it’s just right back up, just like here, here also, one down day then bounce back to new highs that’s been the theme. TSLA does have a new range here 633. TSLA wow look at this vwap reject almost to the penny, pretty amazing for a $600 stock.
  • NNVC also a very close watch, maybe it does something like earlier this week, gaps up pushes then it kinda fades away we’ll see, located 36kshares. Short some half size, oh I fat fingered the stop, cost me 12k for no reason. Okay back in again, little bit more size this time. I may add short if it re-tests vwap and fails vwap. It’s back at vwap, I would love it to overshoot the vwap. So far failed at vwap, I added 10kshares.
  • ASHR weak, China fell back into its range, tried to break and this corona thing is not great for the China markets.
  • GSX had an enormous fade yday, I would love to see this thing push back to like mid 34s to potentially reinitiate the short swing.
  • XLRN this is the one I took a loss on then yday broke out to new highs, and now it’s going I missed the breakout.
  • When you get a really smooth run for a few months, usually you get choppiness after that.
  • TLRY still red on the day, there’s two things I’m not good at, anticipating breakouts and buying dips. TLRY just went green, idk what to do with it is not a 5* setup, feels like it needs more time, but look at the weekly has room to like 37 such a beaten down name, could very easily make a 50/70% move from here.
  • TCEHY has a sick breakout from a big base, look at the weekly still holding up well, reminds me of AMZN today, big big multi year move, pulled back bounced pulled back went sideways and breaking out.
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