57 [The hunt for the next 6-figure opportunity! Maybe Tesla on earnings tonight? Jan 29, 2020]

  • BLDP bounced really nicely off its rising 20day, PLUG too these fuel cell names holding up well.
  • DT nice numbers wow, unfortunately this thing had a 50% run into it.
  • VISL I bought 100kshares at 36c yday, risk is 4c and why can’t this thing 2/3x, had pretty big volume yday is also a former runner.
  • TSLA I added another 1kshares yday after getting stopped out 1500shares, I’ll prob get stopped out of those adds. I had a really good add up here then I had a bunch of trades in this chop I got stopped out on like 3-4times taking small losses. They report ah, I will keep at least 1500shares to the close I will watch every tick until they report and see how it acts, if it violates my stops I’ll just stop myself out and if it goes lower and gives me a good entry I’ll add, gonna watch this very closely. I think the report will push this thing to either 650+ or below 500, I think there’s a big move coming, obv I’m betting it’s gonna be the downside but if it goes up I’ll just stop myself out and it will be fine, and I’ll hope for it to just go absolutely insane.
  • BYND I still think it may need some time, I don’t think today is the day to buy it but maybe it is idk. So far fading the gap which is good, I want this to go sideways another few days. Still building hls on the 60min, I think next leg higher could easily go to mid/high 100s, first leg higher went up 75% or so, in the next leg higher even if it only goes up like 30% could be in the low 160s.
  • I’m aware of BTC that’s why I had GBTC on my wl yday but idk if it’s a buy here, does look good on the weekly, had a big run early last year pulled back and now idk.
  • TNDM I’m gonna show you guys the monthly chart on it, look at this 74 break thing looks insane, such a perfect looking chart. TNDM been going sideways for a year and the past 3/4months been building hls, I think low 74s should be the trigger.
  • MDB starting to break this little flag looks good. MDB looks absolutely amazing but I don’t trust the market, and this thing has been a laggard over the past 2/3months when the market had a bit run, even though it has shown rs over the past week or so I just don’t trust it.
  • COMPQX we’ve had a 3day bounce, let’s see if it can reverse, if we can hold this bounce, if it will be a scenario like here in early Jan2020 when it bounced went sideways then the market broke out again, or if we’re gonna fade back.
  • DGAZ looks interesting, in case this UNG keeps going lower DGAZ could put in some insane moves potentially, but nah I’ll pass on it for now.
  • INO I f*cked up, I was short 50kshares orls 5.45 or so and I made like 10c fat finger covered everything then didn’t get filled on my reshort, and the thing went down another $1 or so could have been a 50k trade and I wasn’t even aggressive on the size.
  • NNVC I passed on it didn’t think it was gonna make a big move but in hindsight it did have a nice little break down of the opening range on the 60min too.
  • YETI looks great on the weekly and monthly, they report in 2weeks, I hope this thing doesn’t break out before the report, looks really good been building hls for a long time and has a nice rangebreak.
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