56 [My coronavirus plays gapping lower. Jan 28, 2020]

  • VXRT bought yday in smallest account, gapped up over 100% today. Gonna sell some more good open so far, I did not see this move coming especially as all the other corona plays gapping down, this thing up 75% wow. VXRT has warrants at 1.10 okay that’s why it peaked at 1.10 I guess.
  • APT I bought some late day, took a nice loss on it pm.
  • LAKE also bought some late day and took a loss on it pm. But I still have cores on both of these.
  • GSX had an insane reversal 20% from lods to hods, I’m using yday hods as stop, unfortunately gave back all of the move on half size, just incredible strength didn’t even touch its rising 20day stopped well above it. Stopped out. GSX new highs look at that, beautiful.
  • NNVC this was a pretty nice trade yday, I shorted 15kshares 15.70s, then after the stream I shorted another 10kshares 14.50s and then it faded, I covered most low 11s on this flush and then I gave back the whole move on those last 10kshares. I was really hoping this would squeeze to 20+ today but unfortunately it’s gapping down. NNVC I guess was a short orls. Wow it actually took out yday highs early pm, I didn’t see that. What a move from pm, down 45% from pm highs, amazing.
  • XLRN up a sh*t load was almost 100% now it’s fading, I never know what to do with these things, this is taking out a long multi year 6year range, has some good data, is a short is it a long I have no idea, these kinda of biotechs are very tricky. XLRN holding up pretty well, took out orls and quickly came back, maybe it’s a buy. Reminds me a little bit of RETA did the same thing, took out orls really quickly then it just rebounded took out the highs and went up another 50% over the next month or so. Actually I don’t think it will bc XLRN has traded a very small portion of its float, but it does look good on the 5mn, if it starts breaking this like 81. About to take out orhs here, I bought 4kshares 81s, pretty much betting it will do a RETA. Pulled back to vwap and now we’ll see, too bad it couldn’t take out hods.
  • INO shorted some. Need to cover some here, so far a good fade. Fat finger covered everything and couldn’t reshort it, hopefully it can bounce here.
  • TSLA just overshot my first stop by a couple of bucks. This thing is living in its own world right now, ideal setup would be if it goes to like 600+ on earnings, then keeps going towards 700, then has a big $100/150 pullback in a few days/weeks. TSLA bouncing a little bit, high 560s I’ll maybe reshort some of the shares I covered.
  • SNAP would have been a nice buy, rode the 200day had a nice little range break with hls then it had a breakout, pretty good setup.


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