55 [My coronavirus plays gapping higher. Jan 27, 2020]

  • I use IB platform to find gappers, I think there are some free websites too and I also use Twitter, Twitter is also good to find gappers.
  • EPZM I shorted Friday, covered up most of my shares pretty nice trade, only 3kshares left of 10kshares. Classic sell the news, and obviously the market weakness helped. EPZM out most shares.
  • GSX also helped by the market weakness, very extended stock and now it’s pulling back, wish I’d shorted more of this, still have 2/3 shares left, have some orders in for lower, almost a 20% pullback from the highs so far so actually gonna cover some more premarket. GSX covered some more, down to half size now.
  • Corona plays popping up everywhere, started with 3-4 names and already have 18 names on my list now, they’re pumping everything on this thing. All these useless stocks they’re pumping, but that’s what happens when a sector and when there’s fear in the markets, we’ve seen this many times before with Ebola, with Bodycams, Fuel cells, Marijuana, they start pumping all of these useless stocks and it’s so hard to chase too bc you don’t know which ones are gonna go. I’m pretty much looking for ranges, I may buy some of these later in the day or the next few days if they build some nice ranges on the 60min, otherwise I probably won’t touch them.
  • LAKE gapping up, I bought it initially Friday I never got stopped out bc I didn’t have a hard stop and then it kinda rebounded so I was like f it I’ll keep it, I had 5kshares from Friday, sold 1kshares premarket. Interesting now LAKE is trying to take out hods here, now LAKE is stronger than APT.
  • APT long from a couple days ago, bit annoyed had a buy order Friday 5.49s but I cancelled that order unfortunately, but I sold a couple thousand premarket. I’m pretty much raising my stops and if this corona thing keeps spreading why can’t this thing go to double digits, it’s done it before during Ebola this thing went from $2 to $10 over 400%, rn it’s only up 100%.
  • TVIX I had 10kshares from Friday when it took out hods highs 44s avg, was just a bet in case corona would spread over the weekend and the markets would gap down, I was right was a little bit of a gamble so far has worked pretty well. I’ll lock in tiny tiny just to lock in some, like 10% of my position. TVIX about to take out hods also.
  • TSLA right on the 10day here, so far bouncing on the rising 10day.
  • SOXL too bad it couldn’t bounce a little bit more Friday, as I laid out in game plan I wanted it to bounce back to low/mid 320s but it never came, I would have shorted a couple thousand shares would have been a nice trade.
  • BYND not dying, interesting this thing is not going away, maybe in a couple days if this can tighten up here, build a little bit of a flag maybe we’ll get another squeeze, that’s absolutely something I would pay attention to.
  • NNVC so I have an order 15kshares 15.70, wide stop $2 on it, the way I see it $2 stop for this starter, obviously I’ll add more if it tightens up, there’s easily $5/6 downside from these levels. Filled, pretty wide stop on this starter, ideally it goes sideways here for a few hours and maybe we get a breakdown or something. I think I’ll add more soon, now it’s below vwap again could use this 16 area as a stop for those adds, I’m short 15kshares I’ll add another 15kshares.
  • Stuff like BABA, SE, STNE, AVLR, these are nice growth stocks, real businesses, lots of institutional holding, buyers coming in, I think these things will be much higher over the course of this year unless the market goes into a bear market ofc. All of these other things I see pretty much as hedges to smoothen out my equity curve, like today on the gap down I gave back like 200k on my longs but I made like 200k on these hedges so it kinda smoothens it out so I’m not really making money either way. Even if we pull back more I wanna keep my long stocks unless they really start breaking down and stop me out that’s another thing, but I think this is just a scare.
  • CODX I am looking at this one, is a clean break here 2.80s but what I wanna see here is it build at least 3/4candles on the 60min with hls.
  • One thing I’ve learned over the years is you really have to pay attention to the market, I’ve not always been good at it and I’ve always if I’ve seen a good setup I buy it but there are market environments where you’re gonna get chopped around really bad if you just keep buying every good setup.
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