54 [Test driving a Tesla Model X today. Going to manage $TSLA short from mobile. Jan 23, 2020]

  • TSLA looking for some kinda add spots today, shorted 2000shares 585 this late day breakdown from the highs, pretty much a perfect entry. TSLA has a big range here 561, big level here. TSLA is the stock that has the most fanatical bulls and the most fanatical bears, I’m just trying to trade it. Very sad I missed it on the long side, but it’s my duty to trade it if I see a good setup. TSLA put a sell order orls, got filled short 3700shares total now. TSLA trying to take out pm lows. TSLA looks like it wants to bounce, didn’t even touch this rising ema that’s a sign of strength. Okay good now it’s bouncing, I think there may we a potential setup later in the day like there was a few days ago, where it gapped down bounced built a range for several hours and then it had a big big fade over the next few days.
  • GSX reshorted late day yday 50kshares, really no support until 30s, look at the 60min had a breakdown here 35.50 or so. GSX gonna cover some. GSX is strong, put another stop here, if this thing closes over 35 I’m not gonna hold overnight.
  • SPCE short 20kshares, unfortunately this gap down. Damn it missed an add spot. SPCE stopped adds, it’s a little bit stronger put in one more candle than I thought it would on the bounce here, I’ll re add if it starts trading below vwap. Looks like I got filled SPCE again, short 45kshares on this, there’s literally no support on this thing until $16. Sh*t I’m gonna take a 35k loss on it, refuses to break down, this is why I hate these over extended stocks gapping down, just so choppy.
  • APT bought some, I have to be long at least one of these virus stocks, so annoying these stopped me out the other day.


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