53 [I gave back $200K in profits on $FCEL in 15 minutes… Jan 22, 2020]

  • ACMR I hope it goes to 50 today, prob not gonna look at it unless it goes to 50.
  • GSX stalking it also, it’s kinda been grinding higher and now looks like it’s trying to speed up potentially. GSX shorted some, thing is up what 9days in a row, risking like 60c to potentially make idk $5/7.
  • TSLA main watch, really want this thing to go to 600 but if I see a nice intraday setup I’ll trade it. TSLA shorted 566. TSLA looks like I’ll get stopped out of my starter, they’re buying up the first red candle, rn it’s at the declining vwap. TSLA still below vwap, trying to reclaim, if it can’t reclaim I may short some more below this 563.30s.
  • FCEL I gave back 200k profits in like 15mins, I locked in some on the way up, then the earnings hit I didn’t see it I was lacking doing other stuff, easy to get complacent in a market like this, the mistake I did was I should have stalked it, watched the chart constantly, bc it could have squeezed higher also, I should have watched the first reaction and sold most of my shares on those first few candles when it went red pm. Omg FCEL it’s disgusting, I guess orhs was the entry on it, why did it have to pullback this much, it held the rising 20day and this trendline.
  • SPCE is potentially working on its first red 5min candle, I’m gonna start stalking this thing, ok short some still above vwap still front side but starting to get stretched, risking 70/80c to potentially make idk $3. I have a 19.01 avg on it, first target is $16 really no support until 16s. There may be an add spot 18.65s, maybe later. Added some more, short 30kshares now.
  • TLRY still building hls on the 60min, looks great on the daily, I think next leg higher could go to 28/29 or something, be great if it goes sideways rest of the day then maybe breaks higher tomos. TRLY is at its range again, been building hls all this way.
  • IQ got filled half, I really like the chart held the rising 20day perfectly yday.
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