52 [Flu stocks waking up. Jan 21, 2020]

  • I read something about Flu in China, I guess that’s why all these names are up NVAX, APT, LAKE especially had huge moves Oct2014 during the market correction these things went para up 200/300% in a few weeks, if they get volume I’ll be there.
  • JAGX I bought, some beaten down name been building hls for over a month, had a range break on volume on Friday.
  • TLRY looks like I missed it. MJ names are very strong and TLRY is the leading one.
  • INO bought some orhs, 10c risk, potentially $1+ upside. Stopped out.
  • TROV bought some small, released data Sat so another few days this can potentially run, it’s a multiple time former runner, maybe it can go to 2s or something, risking less than 10c to find out.
  • FCEL what an amazing stock, put some sell orders out there, thing is it was probably a buyable setup orhs 2.63 but since they have earning I’m a little bit cautious on it since it is a pos, I wouldn’t be surprised if it gapped down 40/30% on earnings. But if it had earnings maybe next week or something I would maybe add orhs bc I really think this can go to $4 on this next leg higher.
  • GSX looks like it’s reversing I missed the trade, I really wanted it to go higher but so far looks like it is reversing. Oh it’s a China education stock. GSX I’m gonna try to get in on any pops back to $33.
  • VISL I bought some, just can’t resist, as long as I have bp in my sh*tty account I’ll keep buying these pos stocks, I mean this thing was at $8 back in Jul2019, now it’s at 35c, why can’t this thing go to 50c or $1, have to take these shots, some of them work out well, many of them don’t but some of them do.
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