51 [Another week of GREAT trading opportunities! Jan 17, 2020]

  • JMIA bought yday, had some article that they don’t need any more financing the rest of the year, this has been hyped as the AMZN of Africa, they’re burning a lot of cash prob gonna go bankrupt but had this article yday broke out of this bottom base high volume, I bought it when it took out these highs was already up 13% on the day so little bit of a chase, then after that the volume started to come in big squeeze into the close.
  • DIS I think the entry was a couple of moths ago when it broke out of this pattern here, had been building hls for multiple years in this nice flag and broke out on news that they were gonna price their Disney service lower than competitors, but it’s an investing stock not a trading stock.
  • XP good looking chart, absolutely untradeable for me but yeah very good looking, this could go 50+, very good earnings and everything. What a move, you gotta be so fast on these thin names, that’s the problem with a lot of these recent ipos, and it’s not even a small company 21B, just bc it’s a recent ipo a lot of algos and funds haven’t found it yet and that’s the reason it’s so illiquid.
  • TLRD starting to come back a little bit, I bought some, beaten down name that had some news, these things have been working lately, not gonna use a crazy wide stop on it though. The way I see it I’m risking 20c to make $2/3, could make a big move, some of these beaten down retail stocks have recently. Stopped out, no juice on it, and in hindsight you can see the pm action and it actually got rejected at this declining vwap, so easy to see it in hindsight.
  • TSLA there may be a range developing for a potential add to the downside, I’m thinking this 507, rn this hourly 20ema has turned down and is not acting as resistance, this whole move it’s been support now it’s acting as resistance, so if it starts taking out this 507s is a tight area with a tight stop.
  • It’s a pretty chill lifestyle, not a lot of worries, no one can tell you what to do, I haven’t had a real job for the past 6/7years that’s a pretty good feeling. All my friends are always complaining about something, colleagues or bad bosses etc, I don’t have to deal with that corporate bs, politics stuff like that.
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