50 [$TSLA trades like a smallcap pump. UNLIMITED liquidity to trade around in it. Jan 16, 2020]

  • TSLA working really well, held 3700shares overnight almost $2M position, gapping down can’t complain. So the day before I shorted a couple thousand overnight, then yday I added orls got stopped out hods then it kinda faded built lhs rest of the day then late day started cracking this range here and I added a couple of thousand, faded a bit, retested this area didn’t really test vwap, then it just kinda flushed into the close and gapped down today, very good trade.
  • CTST I got into yday, this classic type I only trade bc they’re fun they can double in a day or two, its always fun to have a doubler.
  • We’re in a market where it’s almost impossible to lose money, I’ve only seen these types of markets maybe 3/4times since I started trading in 2011.
  • My wl is empty, I really don’t find any good long setups anywhere, doesn’t mean the market can’t keep going higher, just means there’s nothing to buy rn, I’m just gonna manage my portfolio I have a lot of big profits the past couple of months up $1.5M, I don’t wanna f*ck it up so gotta be very careful with everything I trade, very selective.
  • YNDX very intriguing stock about to hit aths, been going sideways for many years, it’s a Russian internet stock, fast growing revs 40% last Q and earnings also decently, it’s a Russian mix of Google, Amazon, Twitter, Spotify, eBay, all in one, today they had the news they’re gonna expand their car sharing service in Europe. This is pretty much a play on Russia, Russian digitisation, I think this thing could have a lot of upside the next 3-5years potentially.
  • BYND strong open so far, I have less than 1/3 size left, gonna let it do its thing today and if it closes strong will probably cover it.
  • FCEL looks like it’s potentially starting to break higher here, bought another 50kshares using lods as stop on adds, looks like it wants to go higher, been building hls, if it goes $3/4 and I’m not in it I’ll be on suicide watch, I kinda have to own this thing. I have a lot of stop levels, 4 stop levels. Broke out of this range nice, tempted to add more, I would have preferred more sideways action for the 20day to be higher. Looks good but just feels like it’s not really ready yet, I feel like it wants to pull back to this rising hourly 65ema one more time, build another hl. Looks like it’s too obvious for some reason. Almost perfect looking bullflag, and it would be a crime if I didn’t trade it.
  • CETX faded off, maybe should have shorted it I’m just so lazy I want to trade as little as possible, a few years ago I would have been all over this.
  • MYOV bouncing off its rising 50day, very thin stock but looks decent.
  • MNI holy sh*t I guess publishing is not a good business to be in, this stock is down 99% over the past 15years, imagine being a long term shareholder in this pos.
  • TAL probably my biggest miss of last earnings season just keeps going straight up, closing in on 40% from orhs ep day, I sat there for two days like should I buy it but I didn’t. If you look on the weekly, hls for over a year, big big range break and really good earnings and estimates for next year, just a perfect scenario, a 5* opp.
  • You’ll get there, you’ll get to your first million, you’ll get there trust me. And after you get your first million, the second million will be easy, trust me on that one, as long as you don’t f*ck it up, it all depends on you. Just focus on price action, focus on what the market it doing, what the market is trying to tell you.
  • SIG taking out orhs here, pretty decent volume, kinda beaten down, numbers kinda sh*t but they beat earnings by a big margin, up 40% wow, why can’t it go back to $40/50?
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