48 [Almost $150K in profits out of the gate! CRAZY open today! Jan 14, 2020]

  • FCEL I was short 100kshares overnight bc it started to break down yday just like SAVA did, lost the 10day and had a flush another high flyer exact same pattern. FCEL also had a PR this morning so I switched from 100kshares short to 100kshares long, I think if it takes out this 2.23 area could surprise, been holding up well building hls, price action is telling me at least for now that it doesn’t want to go down yet. FCEL stopped out, got f*cked both ways. FCEL just not breaking down, relonged some over this 2.11.
  • TSLA short a bunch [2700shares]. Awesome, covered some [200shares]. TSLA rejected at the vwap so far. TSLA omg I need to cover some more. They’re not enormous percentage moves, TSLA is down like only 5% from the highs but it’s a pretty big dollar position so still a decent trade, these are not like these Microcaps that can go down 20/30% in half an hour, but pretty good you can also have tighter stops on them like TSLA I had like 1% stop on it. Really no support until high 400s then after that low 400s. TSLA added some short here, bc it’s the first red candle off this bounce, taking out the prev candle lows. TSLA so far holding this rising 5min 20ema, held it twice so far two undercuts of it.
  • BYND keeps going higher that’s good, the higher it goes the better the short will be. BYND is approaching this 139 area, which was a big support area for the stock last year, could be a major resistance area for the stock. Shorted some but I prob should have waited, looked at the chart wrong, I thought it was breaking down on the 5min, but I’m in now 1/3 size, will add if it takes out this 130 area. Okay short 7kshares, let’s see if it can have any kind of downside. So what I’m seeing is BYND is starting to break this 5min candle lows, it’s really the first sign of weakness, I anticipated it but now it’s taken out the previous 5min candle to the downside, holding up so far but that’s really the first sign of weakness, I kinda had to get in there, I’ll short more if it sets up later, quite a big risk on it.
  • BYND Okay I need to cover some here, $6/7 on it already. That’s the power, took out the first 5min candle and now it’s going lower, I wish I had more size on but always easy in hindsight, I think it could go down to low 100s next few sessions, could go down as fast as it came up. Omg omg wow, I live for these kind of candles, I think it’s halted, I only covered 10% should have covered a bit more. Covered about 1/3 so far, think easily another $15/20 downside, and lower my stop bit below b/e. BYND rebound so far, let’s see how it acts around vwap, gonna raise stop to hods here, gonna let it chop around, not gonna get shaken out.
  • BYND hitting new lows, I should cover some more, now I’m down to half size. Okay now I’m lowering stop to b/e and I’ll cover some more not gonna be stupid was a big move.
  • ZS is selling off on this news which is what I expected, a classic sell the news, run up into resistance into news.
  • LK is a scenario where my stop is $11 away, if it would stop me out I’d give back 110k, I’m bullish on it I still think this thing goes higher this year but idk can’t be stupid, I don’t wanna relive what I did late summer last year where I gave back like 200k+ in a couple of stocks bc I didn’t sell aggressively enough, the market just pulled back and I don’t wanna be in that situation again, under no circumstances.
  • VIVE I’m stuck in this thing in my smallest account at IB, I can’t sell it they think I’m affiliated with the company and they restricted trading, just so stupid.
  • I traded well, I didn’t really deviate from my plan or methodology in any way, that’s the most important thing. I’ve had days where you miss your main watches bc there’s so many things on your watchlist and I start focussing on the second tier stuff, so I miss the first tier stuff, that’s happened to be so many times so that’s why I said 90% of my attention is gonna be on BYND and TSLA, bc you need to focus, you just need to focus especially on days like these with so many potential setups setting up.
  • ADAP wow if there wasn’t so many things to watch I would have been all over this thing, can clearly see the lhs all the way, then you have this range break and another range break, just textbook stuff, lhs that was the key.


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