47 [$30K loss on $CPAH in MINTUES. Jan 13, 2020]

  • SNX its not a breakout type of stock, this is a pullback type of stock, you see it on the chart breakouts not working well on this thing and it’s a very slow mover, much better stocks out there.
  • TRIL another trade I passed on Friday could have easily been a 50k trade, I just didn’t feel like trading but this is not a market to pass on setups, bc most things are working. I was thinking about shorting this thing high 3.40s, went down to 2.70s.
  • TSLA gapping higher, I still have 2/3rds short, I’ll prob get stopped out of this thing and I hope it goes higher, and you can clearly see the hls, I spelled it out Friday it looks like it was building hls on this rising ema and so far it found support there, these are all signs you have to pay attention to, especially on the short side since shorting is generally more dangerous than going long.
  • CPAH stalking for a short, let’s see if it can bounce here then fail the bounce. Missed CPAH entry. Got filled CPAH, found support and now it’s going higher again, prob gonna stop me out for a loss. The key is to see if it can put in a lh, that’s the key here. Okay gonna lower stop now, also added some short, did put in a lh so far. Stopped out, lost 30k, that’s okay, took a shot. Now I don’t see a setup here, has to do what it has to do, has been building hls all the way so far. Okay looks like I got stopped in some CPAH here, 5.13 avg, so it flushed then held vwap.
  • MOMO breaking higher, coming out of a very nice range, built hls all of last year.
  • NVTA looks like a good position trading setup, pulled back to this rising 100weekly that’s been acting as support, put in a hl and now they have positive guidance next Q, could be a multi month entry.
  • BYND I hope it closes strong and tomos we get a reversal, this is one of those stocks can easily put in a ten dollar day, today it’s up $10, one of these days it’s gonna be down $10 and I wanna be there that day.
  • FCEL looks like if it starts fading here and takes out lods, there’s really no support until like 1.50s so there’s some downside. I think this could have easily 20/25% more downside to the rising 20day, the way I see it I’m risking 5/6c to potentially make 50c, that’s not bad. ONCY and SAVA going lower here, just a matter of time for FCEL too.
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