46 [Lets finish the week big! Jan 10, 2020]

  • TRIL is going, could be nice, have 100kshares located, but I don’t want to be too early, that’s rule number 1 of shorting momo stocks. Okay so TRIL had a crack now it’s resting on its rising vwap, now what I’m going to look for is it if it tries to bounce and is starting to fail that bounce. Okay I’m thinking maybe if it can bounce back to 3.47s, either it gets there or it doesnt, not too excited about it anyways. Ah nope it’s the weekend tomos, I’m not gonna swing this, unless I see a really nice setup I can daytrade not gonna touch it.
  • LMT broke out of its flag here 401, really nice flag breakout.
  • CEI want to see if it can hold these rising MAs, on the daily it’s the 10day.
  • MBOT looks a little bit intriguing on the 60min, been building some hls surfing this MA, kinda flagging.
  • No need to be creative in this type of market, just trail stops, have some patience, keep an eye on price action on leading stocks, that’s it.
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