43 [$SAVA what a beast long and a beast short! Jan 7, 2020]

  • SAVA I shorted even more yday, built lhs, did stop me out first completely then I added back about half then stopped out when it reclaimed vwap then put in another lh, failed vwap this is where I added some size, then it faded 20% rest of the day into ah. I’m still short half size and I think this thing takes out 7 in a couple of days, still have 25kshares short. SAVA looks like it’s going lower, could probably have been a short orls today just didn’t look at it, will lower stop. Have to put in more buy orders, thing is going straight down, I still have about 40% of my position short. SAVA nice I’m up close to 250k on this thing, 10day is in the low 6s and this rising 60min 65ema is also low 6s so maybe 6.20s the next support area for this thing, it’s down almost 40% from the highs gonna cover down to 1/4 size here.
  • INSG I sold some premarket looks great, 5G pure play, I had 20kshares a couple of weeks ago to 10kshares but had to size down bc the volume died down and it wasn’t doing exactly what I wanted, but now it finally had a breakout, can see on the 60min building hls look how coiled it was and then a breakout, I should have added to it yday.
  • RAD I don’t like it yet I think it needs to hit low 12s at least before it’s gonna bounce, looks similar to CLVS hit the rising 20day had a 58% bounce, RAD looks very similar I think it needs to hit the rising 20day for a long.
  • HEPA looks interesting, for you guys with smaller accounts could be a trade here, these types of charts have been working, could be up 50% in a couple of days very easily.
  • I scan for the strongest stocks in different time frames, all my scans look the same, I’m pretty much only scanning for momo.
  • IPHI looks like I missed, I saw in the low/mid 76s but I didn’t think it was gonna shoot up to 78 in a couple of mins pretty much, I had a bid 77s but didn’t get filled, now it’s taking out highs. Bit frustrating, but the irony now is now you don’t want it to pullback bc that would be a sign of weakness, you never want the breakout to pullback to support or into range, so if it pulls back I wouldn’t even want to own it anymore. Actually got filled some 77.04s.
  • RRC looks good, buying a starter position 50kshares, then maybe add once it starts breaking this $5 area.
  • DDOG is one I thought about buying yday but I didn’t. I bought on the earnings gap up but stopped a few days later, now the chart looks so good on the 60min very coiled here, been building hls for months, unfortunately I missed it but that’s okay, in this market you can miss so many things and still make a lot of money, such a great market so many things moving I can’t even trade half the things I want to trade, but that’s how strong markets are, you can’t be in everything.
  • FCEL I wonder if this thing is gonna flag for a week or two from here then have another leg higher, it still has room there’s no resistance until mid 4s on the weekly could double from here, and on the daily no resistance at all. I wonder if this could do what PLUG did 2014, PLUG went from 70c to 2.20s so tripled, pulled back went sideways and went from 1.50s to 4.50s so tripled again, pulled back went sideways kinda had another leg lower, then it started inching back up built a flag went sideways another couple of weeks, had another breakout and tripled again.
  • JCP been flagging the past 3/4months, I just bought 75kshares, the stop is so tight, I’ll add more shares if volume starts coming in, I’m risking 5c to potentially make a dollar, there’s no risk in it, I’ll make this trade every day of the week, especially considering what RAD did.
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