42 [$SAVA long up 50% in a few hours! Jan 6, 2020]

  • SAVA on the long side Friday was an insane trade, I made 6 figures in like 2hours, it went straight up, I bought 40kshares, I did not see this coming I thought it would go to $8/9 but it went to $11 before the close, just amazing, I’m still long 26kshares, let’s see if it can go to 12/13 today. If it goes red I’m gonna sell it and i’ll maybe even short it. This thing in two months is up 700% or so, pretty decent move. SAVA I bought it like 6.90/low7s, my stop on it was this consolidation low about 6.80s but lods Friday was 6.25, I had a super tight stop like 25c and it ran up $4, still kicking myself I could have easily bought twice the size, I just didn’t think it was gonna do something like this.
  • SAVA took a starter short, actually long in one account and short another rn, but will sell the long if it takes out lows/goes red. Stopped out short. Gonna use lods as stop on long probably. Okay SAVA I got short again and sized down the long, looking to add short. Sized in on the short even more. It is kinda day 1 from this consolidation, I would have preferred it to go higher, but I think it might do something like FCEL did, disappoint me on the long side then craps out. SAVA so far holding below vwap and building lhs, if it takes out lods I’m gonna sell the rest. It’s not a super great looking setup, I would have preferred it to go higher today but could it fade back yes, especially if this late Friday action was just a short squeeze, maybe they’re all out now and they pull the bids.
  • SAVA all out of long, decent trade, now let’s see if this short can work, it’s trying to go red here, still stalking for an add here, would love to add another 20kshares. Ok SAVA just went red, gonna cover some small about 5/10%, I think it could retrace all of the Friday move. Okay covered half so far, gonna lower stop on the rest, this is good I want to get stopped out, I want this thing to go to 15.
  • TVIX bought some premarket here 54.90s, gonna use a very tight stop, we haven’t had a market pullback for a while idk, maybe due. It’s been trying to go for the past week or so has tried several times, the last time it had a run went 50% in 4sessions. Okay stopped out.
  • AXSM I still have about 95% of position from 102 avg, good avg on this thing I really wanna let this thing ride, up almost 10% on it so far.
  • RADA bought some, tiny position. Look at this bull flag break on the weekly, this is a 5* chart, it can’t get better than this, I just wish it had more volume.
  • PLUG going, already at half avg daily vol, I should prob add here maybe, if it dips to 3.50 I’m gonna add. Okay PLUG I got filled, 3.32 avg, if it takes out lods I will sell half my shares bc that would be a sign of weakness.
  • DT is trying to breakout, ultra thin name, I got filled less than half and it shot up a dollar instantly when I tried to buy it, this is why you should never use market orders for these thin stocks. It’s been building hls for a month, has this range break, has the earnings power, is a recent ipo, looks great. This is what a strong stock looks like, you’re not gonna get filled all the size you want at the price you want, this candle just amazing.
  • LLEX I just bought 100kshares of this 66c avg, if you look at the volume, had huge volume Friday and it’s already over half of Friday volume, that’s pretty significant volume going on here rn, just look at the 60min chart, I think this is gonna trade over 20Mshares today maybe more, very significant. LLEX straight up, I sold some at 70c, sell some more raise my stop a little bit, this thing is straight up.
  • GLD on the monthly just looks so so good, this could be the start of a multi year move, again I’m not gonna trade GLD I prefer NUGT and JNUG but they’re lagging, not a good sign.


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