41 [New yeart starts with lots of opportunities already! Jan 2, 2020]

  • FCEL gapping up again, really hope this can go to mid 3s or something today. If this thing takes out lods I’m gonna initiate a swing short on small size, but ideally it keeps going to 3/4/5 obviously. FCEL is just following this rising trendline, below that trendline I’m gonna start looking for a short, and the lows of the trendline also happen to be the lods, so that’s a good pivot for a potential short later.
  • I shorted 100kshares, not gonna go crazy with size I really wanted this thing higher, just a small swing short risking about 25c to make like a dollar.
  • ONCY gapping down, missed the entry on this unfortunately yday, first red 5min candle low 5.20s was the entry.
  • ARWR shorted some, only got filled 1/3 size, going straight down.
  • ZYME I missed the entry my god.
  • AVLR looks really good on the weekly chart too, going sideways for a year almost.
  • AXSM trying to get in another 1/2 size, I already have half. AXSM I got full size now 7kshares, there’s a lot of downside, really no support until maybe high 80s, and after that high 70s, was straight up 700%, I don’t believe things go up forever.
  • ITCI stopped in some short.
  • EEM just breaking out of a 12year range with hls, I think this thing goes to 70+ over the next few years.
  • STNE I think this thing goes way higher, should be closer to 100 imo, I should add, okay I doubled my position, little bit of a chase should have bought it 80c lower but I think it’s gonna make a big move.
  • This is technical analysis, it works what can I say, technical analysis works. Combining technical analysis with fundamental analysis is the winning recipe in my opinion.
  • Yeah I’m a fund manager, 32 positons, but most of these like I’m up a lot on these, like 1/3 stuff like BABA no headache only have to look at like once per day, then maybe 1/3 are tiny micro cap pump stocks that I think can double/triple and most of these I have my stops at or above b/e so these are not headaches either, then there are some stuff I initiated today but that’s like 3-4 positions, but most of these are low energy positions. Like two months ago I had 5-6 positions and I’ve been slowly building, now I have a bunch of long/shorts, that’s always what happens when the market goes on a run like this, it could be a sign of an immediate pullback, bc my positions always peak before a pullback, around the 30 number, always been magical in that way for the past couple of years.
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