40 [$300K profit on $RAD short to end an already great year! Dec 31, 2019]

  • OCGN I bought yday at 43c went up 35% very quickly, I still think this thing has a double in it so I’m not gonna sell unless it goes higher or stops me out.
  • SAVA short from yday shorted 6.22, just like RAD late day breakdown from a range, and now it’s gapping lower. SAVA putting stop to b/e.
  • ONTX also had a nice 80/90% trade on it, didn’t sell that many into the push.
  • BE bought yday, sold some premarket already up 12%, running with this Fuel Cell sector. On the weekly just broke out of this htf here, very beaten down stock and no resistance until 8s/9s.
  • BNGO bought yday, these are all small positions so they all need to double or go up 50/100% to make decent money on them. I’m in a lot of sh*t stocks rn but this is the market for them, either they go or they don’t, some of them have already made huge moves, even if just one in five goes if they 2/3x that’s pretty good. BNGO been building hls for several months since this big one day spikes, now it has this volume breakout yday and all these beaten down low float stocks running, just a good r/r.
  • AXSM watching orls. Got stopped out of tiny pm starter shares. Just want it to go sideways today, or start breaking lower, I have to be in it, was up 4000% but it’s up 600% in a straight line since late Sept, why can’t it pullback 20/30%?
  • VIVE bought some here, another sh*t stock, these things are running and has a lot of upside, could very easily double, exactly what I’m looking for. VIVE finally broke, not gonna sell a single share on this today.
  • RAD I had 105kshares short on Friday I think I was in low/mid 22 avg, then late day it ramps to vwap and I got stopped out of 45kshares, then it reverses back lower and literally last 10/15mins of the day cracks lower and started going lower in ah, I didn’t have the balls to add back right before the close.
  • NVCN look at the move it actually took out orls, reclaimed vwap took out hods and now took out lods again, what a tough trader this is why I don’t trade first day, like even if they eventually go lower, they do so many stupid things, I almost never short day1 this is the reason, just not worth it. This is why I wait for things up several days in a row, let them exhaust themselves and then I just come in and hopefully just get a totally zero headache trade.
  • AMRN had this gap up high volume move on news, going sideways building hls here, has a big big range here, bigger setup with hls here, great on the weekly, could do something amazing next year I really believe that.
  • FCEL is not a short bc it’s not up enough, every time the stock goes sideways a couple of days the counter resets so this is actually the first up day the way I see it, on Thur when the markets open again and the stock is way higher that would be a short. It had a first leg higher a couple of months ago, went up almost 300% pulled back went sideways, now it’s up another leg higher over 100%, I look for stocks up 2/3/4days in a row, now it’s only day 1.
  • ONCY starting to get some volume, gonna pass yday volume maybe in the next 30mins, oh it’s going parabolic, I’m gonna start watching this thing, if it can keep going in a straight line to 7 or so could be a short opp later.
  • ACST I had this one from low 2s ran up 46%, I sold some into strength, was up 40k on it, then they had a bear raid 23/12/2019, I kid you not I got filled on my last shares 1.18, so I ended up turning a 40k runner into a 35k loss, I sold at the lows, still pisses me off when I look at it, then it went up 130% from there.
  • SVRA going green, it’s up on nonsense news, breakthrough designation totally meaningless news but the momo is there, hopefully can squeeze some shorts, these are the best ones stuff that goes up on nonsense news, there’s a lot of fundamental guys that short these things and they don’t understand just bc something is up several hundred percent on nonsense news they can keep going up another several hundred percent, and then they panic and that’s what creates opps for guys like me.
  • I, this thing has a lot of room, if it goes into the gap, you can see it’s been building hls into this for the past couple of weeks and this range, this thing has room to 210+, easily 50% upside here, doesn’t necessarily have to but again if just 1-2 of my sh*t stocks can 2/3x I’ll be a happy man.
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