39 [Great trading opportunities everywhere! Dec 27, 2019]

  • RAD shorted some premarket, up 5days in a row almost a triple, prob gonna get stopped out of this 1/3 size starter, it’s up $3 premarket and yday it was up $3, I think it’s gonna have a $3/4 down day eventually, and more on a swing trade basis, the question is how high it goes first maybe 25/30. I’m a little bit annoyed I missed the entry day1, I was actually long here when it reclaimed vwap midday, then it slammed below and I never got back in, up almost 85% since, bit annoying I had too tight of a stop, I should have used maybe the lods or recent retracement lows as my stop.
  • RAD stopped out. Damn no bounce on RAD I wanted to add on pops. Okay RAD is now below vwap looking to take out orls, I’m not looking to short orls, the only way I will add now is if I get a tight entry, ideally it goes sideways in the low/mid 20 area for a couple hours then takes another leg lower. RAD super strong again, gonna start stalking for a potential add, so far it reclaimed vwap and volume is huge prob gonna have a record volume day. I’m gonna trade it off the 5min chart now, looking for a potential red 5min candle.
  • RAD awesome I’ll start covering, I’m short 65kshares. Covering more, let’s get this thing down to 17, 17 is the lows of yday just to get a perspective on it, rn I don’t think it has any support until low 19s, on the 60min chart completely empty, on a good setup I’ll add another 20kshares.
  • KOD I bought a couple of days ago 70 or so, htf, why can’t this thing go to 90 in this market?
  • FCEL in my smallest account, increased the account by like 1/3 thanks to this one trade, pretty epic. Put a stop lods for half of what I have left, have about half left from the entry in mid 70c area. There is some resistance at $2, if it takes out $2 could go to $4, but I think $2 is a reasonable target for this thing then it will be almost a ten bagger from the lows a couple of weeks ago.
  • The reason I’m keeping BABA but selling MU, BABA is a growth stock and they’re expecting new highs in earnings over the next couple of years, this is why I’m keeping this thing with a wide stop bc I think this thing could go to 250/300 over the next year. MU is a cyclical stock, even though they’re expecting decent eps growth over the next year, it’s still less than it had 2017/2019 and the stock is pretty much at the same levels so I don’t see a fundamental reason for this MU to keep going ip another 30/50/100%, they’re expected to earn $5 this year but in 2018 they earned $12 so it’s less than half, why should the stock go up? That’s the reason I don’t have a lot of confidence in this thing, it had a good chart pattern when it broke out and it was good for a short term trade but I just don’t see much edge in it here.
  • BABA up over 20% on it now, I’ve been talking about this thing for many times, you can clearly see, it’s exactly what I’m looking for in HTHT same pattern, this is institutional accumulation over many years, had a big move, went sideways, pulled back, been building hls for a year and breakout, good earnings estimates, this is what you’re looking for. This is amazing look at this thing, this is when institutions really wanna get in, that’s when you get charts like this.
  • FTSV up 600% over the past few months, had an offering at 35 and now the stock is 43, had proof of concept that’s why the stock ran up idk it’s just too early in the development cycle, just not meaningful, I’m thinking about doing a bunch of this thing for a swing short. Shorted some, risking less than $2 to potentially make $10+, like if the markets start pulling back this FTSV could very easily go down to sub 30 in days.
  • AXSM this one I really want to short, Biopharmcatalyst they have phase 3 data Q4 that’s either tonight or Mon/Tue, then they have more data Q1 so a lot of phase 3 data coming out. Ideal scenario they release it Mon/Tue and the stock gaps up, or at least doesn’t gap down, bc this thing is up over 1000% this year.
  • ITCI I covered about 1/3 so far, too bad I didn’t have more size, was even an opp to short it orls today but all my focus was on RAD rightly so. This ITCI I think goes back to sub 30.
  • Please give me a pullback in GLD, I’ve been talking about this GLD trade for months since I started trading this potential flag break, I missed it/passed on the trade bc I had so much exposure already, look how good it looks on the weekly chart.
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