38 [Biotech CRAZINESS continues. Dec 20, 2019]

  • CBIO bought some yday late day on this breakout, huge volume, closed really strong but now not really acting as strong as I wanted. Volume is enormous idk feels like it could have another leg higher but rn just not doing anything, nothing there for me but maybe in a couple of sessions if it holds up and looks like it wants to take another leg higher sure.
  • FCEL gapping on some financing or something, may fuel it for another move, had a 100% move maybe it fuels it for another 100%, I bought some premarket and willing to add at the open. Chart is having a bit of a flag with hls, kind of flag in a flag pattern. Added orhs. Okay I don’t like the action in FCEL at all, it’s below vwap, very close to stopping me out. Perking up, trying to reclaim vwap, I may add more if it sets up.
  • RAD breaking yday highs, I missed this one yday, the volume tells the story look at the volume candle yday, and the volume today is just insane too. RAD holy sh*t, I missed it what a move. A couple more up days like this and it’s gonna be a prime short candidate. Looks great on the weekly look at that volume, that’s something.
  • HTHT what a move, I need to sell some here.
  • AMZN looks good on the weekly, long multi year flag here, reminds me a little bit of TCEHY this thing too had a big move from the 2009 bottom, then it pulled back went sideways for a couple years then perked up recently broke out of this tight base. AMZN looks very similar, big big move, pulled back sideways for a while and now it’s building a range here.
  • MNK nice, when it hits 4.10 I’ll sell a tiny bit, my initial position is 2.70s, I added 3.60s so I’m up 10% on those adds, I should prob sell some here.
  • CEI is another one flagging, had a big move off the lows 450%, now it’s just going sideways, these kinda stocks in this market, why can’t it have another leg higher go up 50/100%, that’s what I’m betting on.
  • I don’t wanna go too crazy with all these sub dollar stocks but we’re in a very hot market rn, these things are going and you should never under estimate momo, those things can 2/3x very very fast, doesn’t matter how sh*tty they are, they could be literally days/weeks from bankruptcy.
  • NLNK got some kind of Ebola approval, I wish I’d seen the news earlier I would have bought it, I thought it was just random chatroom pump but this thing has news. I guess I should have bought it, had an opp to buy and I didn’t.
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