37 [Biotech moonshots can’t pull back! Dec 19, 2019]

  • LK bought some late yday and willing to add more if it holds up and builds this flag.
  • AXSM now holding below vwap, they priced at 87 which is 10% lower from here, extremely overbought stock up 600% in the past couple months, I think there’s an opp here on the short side, these things can’t continue forever and ever. Okay reclaimed vwap, the higher it goes the better.
  • CHK gonna sell some more at $1, closing in on 100k trade, I had 400kshares of this thing but got stopped out of 100kshares the day after it gapped up, had a pullback and I had a stop there then it reversed and went straight up, gonna raise more stops here.
  • KOD if you look at the 60min and also the daily, it’s flagging here, better entry would have been a couple of days ago in the mid 60s, looks explosive.
  • FTSV super tight too on the 60min, what if it breaks this 36 range can it go to 50?
  • IQ is a bit interesting, chart sucks, earnings suck losing money and only 3% rev growth last Q, but they have 560M monthly active users, that’s a huge amount, like 10% of the worlds population is on their site, like 3x NFLX has, prob one of the largest customer bases any company has, and I recently read they are taking steps to monetise that customer base, so this is a story I’m watching closely, thing could be a 5/10bagger if they can succeed in monetising, but again let the numbers show the way, can’t anticipate.
  • CBIO has a collaboration announcement with BIIB, big volume, starting to perk, just 10M float has traded almost its whole float, I may buy this thing Biotechs are really hot rn, why can’t this thing go to 10? Oh f*ck I missed it, okay I managed to get some on the dip.
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