36 [Biotech MANIA? Dec 18, 2019]

  • MOMO starting to come out of a range here, been building hls for a year, decent estimates, pretty decent valuation, pretty cheap PE15 and on the weekly it’s kind of a base on a base setup, probably needs to setup a bit more. Used to have big big growth a couple of years ago, huge growth, now it’s slowed down a little bit, but on the other hand now the stock is cheap.
  • ACST looks great on the weekly, they have a catalyst 28/12/2019, why can’t this thing go to $3/3.50 before that if it gets going, looks really really good, could easily go to $3.
  • SPLK just coming out of a multi year range, good earnings, good estimates, definitely has potential, best entry on it was during the earnings day like 139s, but this could work too.
  • DCPH pulling back now missed the entry, ideal entry would have been if it had gone to low/mid 70s but that it didn’t do, second entry would have been here in the mid/low 68s, now it’s way below that.
  • INPX up 300%, wow is this a low priced stock or what, omg this is just incredible, this is called toxic financing guys, stock was at 325000 and now it’s at 16c, that’s called toxic financing, this thing should have been delisted years ago.
  • YETI looks good on the weekly, been building hls for the whole year, not super exciting forward estimates, but the chart looks good.
  • PTON, moving stop to lods, yeah it put in a hl and now it’s about to go green again, looks good now that’s exactly what you want to see, you want to see a stock trying to break down or pullback and it gets bought up immediately, that’s a sign of strength. PTON green, exactly what you want to see big strength.
  • NLTX I hope it starts speeding up, wow it’s filling its gap had a huge gap down last year over 80% and now it’s filling its gap look at that. Back in 2015 this was up a few thousand percent in a few days, it’s AQXP, I traded this one I lost a sh*t ton of money on it, at one time my biggest loss for several years.
  • YAYO they announced a partnership with LMPX which had a huge run, some auto dealership with one location that’s losing money, dumbest thing ever this shouldn’t be in the public markets so stupid. YAYO has barely any revenues but is valued at 44M, stupid stocks, the stupid stocks are the best stocks, bc those are the ones that can make the biggest moves.
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