44 [What is the price action telling us despite recent news? Jan 8, 2020]

  • GBT these are the rev estimates I got from Koyfin, security snapshot here you get the eps and rev estimates for the next 2years, look at the rev growth on this thing, pretty intense rev growth and it’s flagging so I think it’s a pretty decent setup, everything is lining up. GBT up a dollar already, this is how a good pivot looks like, goes up immediately, not sluggish, not hanging around, goes up immediately, and many times you don’t even get filled the price you want.
  • RAD I’m amazed how similar to CLVS, was beaten down, had a big move 300% in a month, pulled back 50% to the rising 20day had a perfect bounce 5-6days almost 60%. RAD now had a multi year down move, a 200% move higher in a couple of weeks, now it’s just been pulling back for the past couple of weeks almost 50% and now it’s on the rising 20day, why can’t this thing bounce 20-30%, it’s all about finding a tight setup. RAD bought some 1min orhs anticipation. Moving higher, didn’t get filled on everything have 33kshares 12.70s avg, risking 20c and if it goes up $2 I will have 1:10r/r, I think realistically it can go up to 15/16, not expecting 20. RAD I probably should sell some, up almost 4% on it.
  • CEI pretty amazing yday, bought it 2.40s 50kshares had an alert set.
  • VSTM bought 35kshares, it’s these kinds of charts that have been working, and it has some news, and it’s made some big moves in the past so we know this thing can go. Immediate follow through, took out orhs, volume is already avg daily volume.
  • This market you can’t have any opinions about it, just have to trade price action, forget about politics and geo politics and everything, none of those things are gonna make you money, the only thing that’s gonna make you money is price action.
  • SAVA stopped me out the rest I only had 20% of my shares left, this is what I was talking about it was building hls on the 60min, too bad I didn’t pay attention, you always gotta pay attention to the price action, sometimes it’s easy to get sloppy.
  • TAL one of my biggest misses last earnings season, I was looking at it [24/10/2019] but didn’t buy it, then it dipped the next day I still didn’t buy it, got so many opps to buy this thing, I really like the estimates and the chart and everything, hls came into this range break had great earnings and now it’s up 30% since, looks like it’s started to speed up.
  • That’s what happens when preparation meets opportunity, I’ve been prepared with my setups, I’ve been practicing my methodology for almost the past 8/9years then the luck is we got a good market.
  • SPYs look like they want to go higher, maybe we’re gonna speed up like early 2018, maybe we’re gonna do something similar idk, or we go sideways, but if we start violating this rising 20day I’m gonna sell down aggressively, lock in profits, close a bunch of positions, raise stops, bc right now I’m pretty heavily long and you have to protect profits. Times like these it’s very easy to become irresponsible, and start doing some sloppy things, dangerous things, this is really the time to be cautious.
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