407 [10 and 20 SMA will outperform the Boomerberg terminal. Nov 11, 2021]

  • AFRM some insane volatility the past two sessions, down 15% yday, gapped up 25% today and now it’s down 9% from the highs. It should be holding this area here, this low 150 area, maybe in a few weeks if it can tighten up we’ll have a setup.
  • RBLX I think if the 10day catches up it’s gonna have a setup, I think it’s gonna do like AFRM did, find support on these MAs 10/20day then it’s gonna go.
  • I’ve gotta admit yday was not easy but days like that you’ve gotta just grab your balls and be like ‘pullback days happen and there’s no reason to sell just bc we have a down day’, no reason to sell if you have no reason to sell, other than it’s a down day, pullbacks happen, if you want a big winner you gotta endure some pullback, just how it works, you can’t have straight up action every day. You can’t get euphoric when things are going well and you can’t panic on red days, you gotta follow your process and your rules, it’s about the big picture.
  • I really don’t use the 10day as my stop on almost anything, unless it’s a very extended name, I use the 20/50day. Also ENPH just had a 5* ep, breaking this long range on big volume, it’s a leading stock in a leading sector, and it showed rs yday, no reason to sell it, at all, absolutely no reason to sell it.
  • PPSI, ev charging stations just woke up out of nowhere, huge volume and today having huge volume as well. EVGO another one of these charging stocks, traded 3x it’s float in 3days, you kind of have to pay attention to that stuff, the whole sector there’s something going on.
  • Taking a flag on the daily versus the hourly, you gotta look at the volume and momo, that’s how you determine it, stocks with enormous volume versus normal and you gotta see how hot it the sector etc, has to be something special to trade it on the 60min, can’t do it on a random pos name, or a boomer name.
  • In this type of market environment when you have a lockout rally, if you don’t have imagination you’re not gonna have explosive returns, if you sell stuff a few days/weeks too early in this type of market environment you’re gonna retire ten years later.
  • NEWR I hope some of you with smaller accounts got this, I was looking at it but just too thin for me. Gapped up over a multi year range with big volume, biggest volume day in many many years. And big guidance higher, big acceleration.
  • I don’t look much at the screens after I stop streaming, well it depends if there’s like crazy stuff going on, but most of the time I try to do other stuff, I try to be productive, I have a bunch of research projects going on, household stuff whatever, and I check my stocks every other hour if things are really slow, and if things are hot maybe a couple of times per hour.
  • Look at these URA names bouncing back so strong. And look at the MAs they’re surfing 10/20day, 10/20day, 10/20day. Everyone should repeat for yourselves when you wake up in the morning like 10/20day, 10/20day, 10/20day, and you’re gonna outperform 99% of market participants, year in, year out. You’re gonna outperform all these guys using boomerberg terminals and what not, 10/20day, 10/20day..
  • Buffett uses the 10/20yearly, look how Berkshire has surfed the 10yearly. Look at some of his holdings. KO, 10/20yearly. Also AXP, 10/20yearly. That’s what he does, secret sauce.
  • I’m looking at the action in the markets rn, and stuff like RIVN, did you see the intraday on it? If you didn’t you gotta pay attention, you gotta pay attention to stocks in play. I think we’re gonna have an insane end of year, just so much buying pressure, so much capital, fomo is insane.


  • For those of you wondering my methodology I use CANSLIMT… the T stands for thumb.
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