406 [Good bounces. Nov 10, 2021]

  • GLD look at this breakout, I made fun of it on twitter, look at it now, it’s up 1.84%, it’s outperforming my portfolio today.
  • COIN I held into earnings half size, and it gapped down unfortunately so had to sell it ah, happens, I was kinda looking at it to hold the 10day in ah but it didn’t, once it lost the 10day I was like I’m out. COIN look how perfectly it tested the rising 20day and now it’s going.
  • LCID I don’t like the price action today, TSLA had a big powerful bounce, LCID not so much. I sold about 20% when it lost yday lows and if it’s gonna weaken later I’ll sell more. LCID undercut and reclaim of the 20ema that’s very strong.
  • PLUG actually built another hl too, looks really nice, ideally it goes sideways another 2/3days this low 40 area, a couple days sideways, tighten up let the 20day catch up and have another run.
  • PUBM looks great, already traded 3x avg daily volume, big beat, big guidance, been going sideways for a long time, and it gapped up above the MA, dip sell off initially, held, reclaim. That’s so key man, every time I see a stock that’s in a range and they can’t gap above the MAs that’s a red flag.
  • RNXT I guess I should have bought orhs.
  • Biotechs the only time I do pretty much is when biotechs are really hot, like 2012-2015 was a big period for Biotechs, they were outperforming, they were the leaders since then they haven’t been leader, when Biotech’s are leading sector that’s pretty much the only time I focus on biotechs, they’re just too hard, you have a bigger margin of error like even if you buy something sh*tty it’s still gonna work out bc the money is flowing in.
  • Only losers have bagholds.
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