405 [Days like today is when the big winners get separated from the rest. Nov 9, 2021]

  • RBLX you have to look at the bigger picture, yes they have -80% eps growth bc of investments but that’s a good thing not a bad thing, the key is how the stock acts, nothing else. RBLX bought orhs. Stopped, think I sized a little too aggressively on RBLX. Buying back hod would be too high, would be a very wide stop, maybe if it takes out some intraday range, builds hls for a few hours could be interesting. The volume is really good, recent ipo, the problem is the market is kinda extended, would have been better if it had earnings a couple of weeks ago, would have probably gapped less, and had better follow through. RBLX for now is building hls intraday.
  • SOXL I sold yday, had like half size left, it’s getting extended, up 87% in less than a few weeks, I look back and it’s never done such a big move before ever. Doesn’t have to pullback may go sideways and the MAs catch up, but may be some short opp. SOXL short orls.
  • TSLA got rid of, broke yday lows. Damn that’s not good for LCID huh, that was one hell of a good sell on TSLA.
  • Especially if you’re on margin you gotta see these things coming, you can’t get complacent and think things are gonna go up forever and ever, you gotta sell some, you gotta lighten up, especially on the extended ones, things can pull back hard and fast.
  • Almost 2000 viewers omg. Guys I’m gonna start selling a course for 9999.99 and the first 50 to sign up are gonna get free nudes. Shut up and take my money? That’s exactly what I want to hear, that’s growth mindset.
  • MARA pulling back bc it kinda ran up, but BTC is pretty much sideways over the past month while MARA went up 55%, so it’s pulling back even though BTC is b/e or something, it kinda got a little bit optimistic and now it’s pulling back.
  • IVAN just a tiny position, reminds me of QS late last year, just trying to get in early tiny size in case it quadruples or something.
  • NEWR I didn’t realise is breaking out to 2.5year highs.
  • These types of days are super valuable bc you see what’s holding up, you see the strength it’s so clear, the stocks are telling you, all you have to do is listen. The stocks are telling you what they want to do.
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