404 [Eventually you need to be able to stand on your own 2 legs. Nov 9, 2021]

  • A lot of institutions look at TA, not that it matters, what matters is that they work, TA works on the right stocks, and most TA is bs anyway that’s why it’s so important to study what actually works.
  • TTD beat earnings, and they beat revenue guidance too. Bought some orhs. And look at this TTD it’s breaking this year long range here and been building hls for like a year, many times these EPs are where a new trend starts, there’s potential for that. It’s already traded 2x the avg volume, in the first 15/20mins traded the avg daily volume, before it broke out on the 5min, the volume was on the table before the breakout of orhs. These are the type of EPs you’re looking for, many times stocks that are in an existing uptrend, and preferably have hs for many months, then they break out of big ranges on an ep, those are my favourite ones where the technicals and fundamentals converge.
  • Have you noticed the stocks that gapped up, they were strong, they held up really well or actually went up into earnings. Look at stuff like LC. Strong into earnings and kept going on the next earnings. And the weak ones, look at ROKU, super weak, every pop was sold. Then it had earnings, went lower. Same thing with PTON. ZM acts like sh*t, prob going lower too.
  • BLNK yeah this is a sector ep, will it have follow through idk but it does look good on the weekly and monthly, and it’s reclaiming the 200day that’s good. When you have these EPs you want them to gap up over these MAs generally, strong EPs need to gap up over resistance levels, or like these MAs preferably, sometimes they can still work but if they can’t gap up over MAs and they’re in a sideways or downtrend it’s a sign of weakness not strength.
  • LCID fully detached from TSLA now, this thing wants 50. I have a pretty decent position in this thing, yeah I got stopped out here when it gapped below these emas but then I started rebuying 3sessions ago and Friday I added more when it broke this range this 37.90s area.
  • LCID don’t get too excited, remember to trail, don’t just randomly sell everything into strength, it’s better to sell a partial a little bit too late than too early, it’s better to sell 10% too late than 100% too early. I’m not saying it will double but it can, the volume is just insane this is the leading sector in the market.
  • LCID I’m not gonna go to the toilet until it gets to 50. No it’s going the wrong way, I take it back. Guys spot on the 5min where Kennyboy started shorting.
  • PLTR reports tomos, super excited about this one, it’s a big former runner and look at this thing on the weekly and monthly, look at this flag, if this thing can ep on earnings, could be insane.
  • ANY, idk what sector this is but looks good, it’s a big flag, the sh*t stocks are back in play so if it breaks out could go.
  • The problem with sentiment indicators is, during the best periods, the free money periods, the times where most of the money is made as a swing/position trader, sentiment indicators and overbought/oversold indicators are gonna show excessively bullish sentiment versus excessively overbought readings, so they kinda they do work but they’re completely useless when there is the most amount of money to be made, that’s the problem. Last year if you followed these sentiment indicators you would have missed out on life changing money, that’s the problem, but they do work sometimes. Wife changing money.
  • If what’s been going on for the past 3 weeks goes on for the next 3 months I will seriously maybe not trade again for a long time man, I may take that vacation. If my returns the next 3 months are anything close to my returns Nov2020-Mar2021, omfg that’s all I’m gonna say. Having said that this is the top.
  • If you know something works, you shouldn’t overthink you should just go with it, you don’t need to understand why this or that is going up, the fact that it is going up and acting technically well, especially if it’s a leader. Bc you have to understand the markets and stocks many times move before the fundamentals become obvious. Especially these cyclical types of stocks, when they start getting good earnings they could already be up 500%.
  • When people see these sh*tcoin cryptos make enormous moves it kinda f*cks with people’s brains, people like you know what I’ll just buy some of this, my r*tarded neighbour just got rich off a sh*tcoin, I’m gonna put some of my money into these coins too. Imagine being someone who thinks they’re really smart, really sophisticated, then they have this r*tarded family member that strikes gold on crypto, imagine what that does to some people, I think some people it does something to their brain.
  • Every sh*t stock is starting to move now, that’s how these momo cycles work, first you have the leaders going, then you have the secondary movers, then you have the tertiary, the longer the run goes on, the more and crappier stocks are moving, after a while they’re really gonna reach the bottom of the barrel. These things happen over and over again, it’s just human psychology, human nature, and if you understand these things you have a skill for life, not just the stock market but it goes for everything, that’s just how things work.
  • You can’t just randomly buy stocks, needs to have something that’s a reason to go up, pure momo is enough but if you wanna get to the 100M level prob need some kinda of fundamental driver for it, don’t need to read a balance sheet but needs to be something driving it, a sector or a theme or earnings, you need to be able to read where the money is going, that’s the number one job of a trader, be able to understand where the money is going, just using technical analysis is not gonna cut it.


  • You can sum up today in 3 words; things going up… for now.

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