403 [Markets in free money mode. Nov 5, 2021]

  • LCID is coiled and TSLA looks like it wants 1500, as long as it stays up there is hope for LCID. Right now LCID is pretty much a double of TSLA, but I think once it gets going it’s gonna detach from TSLA, if TSLA goes up another 10%, LCID is gonna go up 50%. I think this could really do something special, and now it’s detached from TSLA not going higher anymore but LCID is. I had to size down when it dipped near the open I sold 40% of my position, now I added it back plus some more I have 330kshares rn but I still wanna get another 100/150kshares on a good intraday setup, but maybe not today. That’s a beautiful candle on LCID.
  • In these types of runaway markets you need to have imagination, like last year TSLA [31/1/2020] looks similar to TSLA today, two sideways days looks like it’s due for a pullback to the 10/20day, but instead look what happened went up another 48% in two sessions. Same thing here [9/7/2020] was extended went sideways a few days, and boom another 25% in two sessions. These runaway moves, especially if you can get a really good r/r on the 60min.
  • TSLA look how it reclaimed, tried to break down this range tried to dip and just immediately reclaimed, that’s such a sign of strength.
  • It’s called free money environment, all you have to do it just pick up the money.
  • AMD I sold into strength, I thought a lot of the things I’m holding are getting extended, they’re just straight up, the semi names are the most extended, I sold AMD just to take some risk off the table, take some chips off the table. Now it’s prob gonna go to 150 or something but that’s fine, there’s so many things setting up so you can always rotate your money into something that hasn’t gone. And AMD also was one of my slowest ADR position, so I’m looking to rotate that money into something faster, I always wanna put my money where it has the most potential.
  • NVDA also I’m starting to watch for a potential short, I think it may need 350 first.
  • BTBT has been sideways for the past few months where all the other crypto names have had big runs for the past month, something is wrong with it, it hasn’t run, just look at GBTC, SI, MARA. Now if BTC picks up again and takes another leg higher, can it run sure but I wouldn’t be interested in it unless it gets massive volume, sometimes laggards can catch up, this thing has made big moves in the past so it can run, but I would love to see big volume.
  • SI I screwed that one up I really did, I was looking at it here [29/9/2021] I just didn’t pull the trigger, I bought it Aug2021 somewhere and Sep2021 somewhere and it just kept building hls, then when it finally went I didn’t buy it, f*ck. Like here [29/9/2021] I was like nah it’s not gonna go this time either, then when it broke out here [1/10/2021] I’m like nah I should have bought it then, and here we are 80% higher. Looked so good on the weekly and monthly. That’s how you overthink yourself out of money, then here too [1/11/2021] I didn’t buy it bc I wanted one more day of sideways or something.
  • ABNB just coming off a long consolidation, more neglected and also more liquid than BILI. I got 53kshares at 198 avg, I would have bought more but it just took all my attention the first 5mins technicals issues, but I’m still very glad I caught it, I caught the right one, I had like 20 potential EPs in this list and I nailed it down to the one that is working really well, all the others seem to be fading.
  • BE acting really well, gapped below the rising 10day and now it reclaims super quickly, that’s a sign of strength, acting really really well, respecting the 10day that’s what you want to see.
  • For the next year I want you to study a thousand EPs over the last 10years, and you will become a master of this setup, instead of taking everything I say as gospel you guys should find out these things for yourselves. That’s the problem, someone says this then everyone else says this, someone says that then everyone says that, no one verifies what actually works, how things really work, that’s the big problem, that’s why 95% of people fail in this business. So you have a choice do you want to take when someone says something as gospel or do you want to find out for yourself, verify if it really works, maybe you’ll come to other conclusions, your own conclusions.
  • You can steal ideas but you can’t borrow conviction. I’ve stolen every single trading concept I use, let’s say borrowed, I haven’t come up with any of the things I use, not a single thing. And when I bought my new yacht, I was surprised they didn’t ask if I had made the money from things I invented myself or from borrowing other people’s ideas, no one asked me that. No one ever asked me what the r/r on my trades, or if I made the money shorting or going long, or what stocks, no one ever asks those questions, it’s so sad. Wouldn’t it be great if you go to the store and the cashier asks did you make this money shorting or going long? That would light up my day.
  • The only thing in trading between you and hundreds of millions is you, plus technical issues. That’s why you really need to have a backup broker, backup platforms, not everything in one place.
  • RBLX is very choppy, they have earnings next Monday, if it has an earnings ep like fundamentally I really like this company, I think it’s a very exciting thing they’re doing, but obviously the earnings need to confirm that. But it’s building hls since the ipo, getting tighter and if it can breakout with volume can make a big move.
  • The more earnings seasons you go through, you’re gonna get better, it’s gonna be confusing like every gap up is gonna be an ep like ‘omg there’s so many EPs omg I’m gonna miss all of them ahh’, then you realise 99% of all the gap ups are not worth it, you need to find the ones that there’s something special technicals and fundamentals. That’s why it’s so funny once I posted the ep blog post everyone started writing on twitter and in chat that every little sh*t stock was an ep. If you study hundreds/thousands you’re gonna find which types of stocks are well suited to ep type of trading and which ones are a waste of time.
  • DWAC looks like it wants to go lower, relentless selling, look at the 60in chart relentless selling, it’s gonna go to 40 next week unless a miracle happens.
  • Don’t get thrown off by the fact these QQQs and SPYs are straight up, bc they don’t have go down, they can just go sideways, let the MAs catch up and go higher, that’s where the big money is made where the indices are in rally mode, they just surf the 10/20day and they’re just pretty much unable to dip, that’s where the big money is made as a momo trader, so you gotta capitalise on it. Follow your stocks, if you stocks are acting well, things are fine.


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