402 [Markets straight up. Nov 4, 2021]

  • Everyone wants to trade these EPs but they haven’t done the studies on it, that’s the problem everyone wants to just trade trade trade but they don’t wanna get good at this. People have no idea what they’re doing, they just wanna make trades, they don’t spent time studying the markets, how do stocks move, when do they move, what makes them move, people just wanna make trades. Including me I do a lot of random trades that I know I shouldn’t and it’s difficult, that’s why there’s so few people who actually make money from active trading, and even fewer that make like really big money, it’s really power laws in this business.
  • FSLY can’t even get above the 200day, that’s not a sign of strength, if it was strong if there was demand it would have gapped up over 60, over the 200day, preferably over these highs here [Jun2021], also the numbers are very weak.
  • SSYS it’s clean air, coming off a long sideways, had a bit of a run up but doesn’t really matter for a smallcap stock, it’s been going sideways for like 10 years.
  • IONQ these very explosive stocks sometimes they flag on the 60min.
  • If TSLA stays up, doesn’t even have to go higher just stays up, I think this LCID is gonna do something crazy, I just get that feeling.
  • QS reclaimed the 200day now, that’s big. I entered 26.53 is my avg [29/10/2021], I thought it was a laggard when I bought it, I wasn’t sure if I was gonna, thank god I did.
  • SITM [04/08/2021] look at the numbers, this is what you wanna see on an ep, forget about all these FSLY and QCOM, SITM these are the stocks if you have a small account, these are the ones you wanna focus on, the ones that gap over any resistance and there’s just nothing there just free air, no MAs above. There were so many last earnings season, if I had a small account I would have wanted to be in this thing.
  • ALB is so annoying, I bought it here [9/7/2021] and I got stopped out here [19/7/2021], then I re bought it here [18/10/2021] and I sold it on this day here [27/10/2021] bc it was low ADR and I was thinking I wanted to increase the avg ADR of my portfolio so I sold it, and now it’s straight up since. Sometimes it’s just best to do nothing.
  • I’m trying to use the weekly charts a little bit more, bc they’re so much cleaner, I’m using both the weekly and monthly, bc sometimes you don’t see it on the daily but you see it on the weekly or monthly.
  • How did I pick my MAs? Well the 65ema I heard about it on the daily chart, the logic behind the 65ema on the daily chart, especially amongst the CANSLIM people, is that a lot of times these leading stocks usually obey the 50day on the way up, but sometimes they have a shake out below the 50day, this ALB is a good example, and look at where it found support instead, the 65ema. But I don’t use it on the daily now I use it on the hourly, idk why just kinda works, doesn’t matter guys you can use whatever, you can use the 9ema the 17ema, it doesn’t f*cking matter, but I would recommend you use one that is faster, one that’s slower, one that is even slower, etc, don’t overthink these things.
  • COMPQ I mean the longer this straight up action continues, it’s not gonna go on forever right, it’s kinda slow compared to the 90s but still, the expected forward returns are gonna be smaller and smaller the more we go straight up, but it would be nice if we got a blow off like say a straight like to 20k. And btw if you’re wondering what the arrows are, I made a study of supernovas, parabolic shorts and where they triggered, just to understand where you get those setups.
  • COMPQ you can kinda just see if the market has done something like this for 10/12years it’s not gonna keep doing that forever, that’s not what markets do, they can also do this and this and this, they can do nothing for a long time, so you gotta bank on action like this.
  • I haven’t found negative EPs, it’s not really a thing, it’s partially about math but it’s also stocks don’t act the same on the downside, shorting is such a hard game, super difficult. And even if they keep going, like SNAP, it’s super hard bc they can just snap back, especially in bullish markets, and the math just works against you, you’re never gonna get a 100/200/500% runner out of a short. There’s a huge long bias.
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