401 [Trash getting hot – I love it! Nov 3, 2021]

  • Uraniums found support on the rising 20day, undercut and reclaimed and had follow up breakouts. CCJ holy sh*t so explosive.
  • GME and AMC going higher but not BBBY, bc BBBY gapped up into these MAs and got rejected, while GME the leader is just breaking this long range, has been building hls like 10months, I’m not gonna sell a single share until 300. A lot of these flags on the weekly have triggered over the past few weeks. GME look at this, the chart didn’t lie, it didn’t lie.
  • AMC couldn’t take out the previous high, that sucks.
  • BKKT bought some. BKKT slippage yeah it’s always a bad sign like, I bought it here there was no slippage meaning there were a lot of sellers, and when I sold it there were no bids so I had to wick it, not a good sign generally when it’s easy to get in but hard to get out.
  • AFRM this one pisses in my face every single day, just keeps going higher. Looks great on the 60min.
  • SESN yeah not bad.
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