400 [Things getting heated. Nov 2, 2021]

  • FUBO kinda missed it, didn’t wanna buy it in the 32s.
  • BTBT is a huge laggard in the crypto space, what we’ve seen over the past few days is a lot of laggards in different sectors have perked up a bit, sometimes they can make nice moves but many times it’s just not.
  • CAR breakout was insane on the weekly, double since, I need to start using weekly charts more, I’ve been telling myself that for months. So HTZ went bankrupt, but CAR is up 400% since pre corona, alright. Wtf, and guys remember this is day1, doesn’t matter if it’s 100% this is day1, I don’t short on day1, have too many scars from day1. And CAR it’s up 100% on the day, that’s not a big move for a 12B mcap stock, looks crazy but could still double from here. Either when they blow everyone out, or they’re too afraid, that’s when I wanna short. I’m gonna be interested when no one in chat wants to short it anymore.
  • CAR was gonna be the squeezer really out of every stock out there, why didn’t I buy this at 99/100 breakout on the weekly?
  • GME yeah I didn’t trust it had no volume, should have had 20M volume, now it has no bids. Ah GME woke up nice.
  • TSLA I see a lot of people trying to pick the top on this, guys this thing could go to 1500/1700 without pullback. Look at this htf breakout on the 60min, sometimes you look at the daily like woah it’s so extended, but then you look at the 60min and it just looks perfect.
  • TNA yesterday finally broke out, I guess that was maybe sign for a pullback, the laggard sector finally breaking out, lot of laggards broke out yday, that’s not necessarily a good sign.
  • LCID is pulling back, below the emas on the 60min now, this type of volume I was really hoping for something. Like if you look at AMC May2021 it kinda pulled back for a week, found support on the 10day and then it just went.
  • XPEV if it can build on the 60min a bit more could be interesting, if it can let the 20day catch up, this is the leading China ev rn, NIO used to be the leader and now it’s the laggard looks sh*t.
  • BKKT if it can build a range here, few more candles with hls, could be good for another push idk. I did play the intraday break here in the mid 40s yday, was good for a 22% long but I was hoping for 60 so I let it overstay on it.
  • It’s very easy if you missed a bunch of leaders, it’s very easy to start chasing laggards, and it’s not a great thing, if you overdo it.
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